Adobe Reader: Change the Default Page Layout

Posted March 14, 2008 by Rob Rogers in Windows

If you find yourself constantly changing the Page Layout everytime you open a PDF file, you should consider changing your default page layout. For instance, you may prefer viewing the PDF using the Two-Up layout (especially if you use a wide-screen monitor).

1. Open Adobe Reader.

2. Go to the menu, click Edit and select Preferences.

3. Under Categories, select Page Display.

4. On the right, in the Default Layout and Zoom section, use the Page Layout dropdown to select the new default layout. Choices are Automatic, Single Page, Single Page Continuous, Two-Up, and Two-Up Continuous.

5. Click the OK button.


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The Conversation

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  • yash

    Hey is there a shortcut that can do this??

  • Poster

    It would be great if Reader actually did anything with this setting. However, it is almost always ignored.

  • glmcdona

    Agreed. Adobe Reader doesn’t do anything with this setting. It opens almost all my pdf’s under the Single Page View despite having set the default to Single Page Continuous. Learn to program adobe devs.

  • Liffey

    Works for me in Adobe X. Thanks for posting this. I was about to give up but Foxit is equally awkward.
    This used to be so much easier to set.

  • Hunter

    If you go to accessibility and then “override page display” then it actually pays attention to this setting.