Ubuntu – Restore wireless / bluetooth / battery icon back to Top Panel

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This recipe will show you how to easily add the wireless, bluetooth and battery icon back to your top panel in Ubuntu 7.10 (gnome).

I’m a newb to Ubuntu and just recently installed it on my HP TC1100 tablet pc and ran into the problem where my wireless, bluetooth and battery button were missing. I checked all the items available in the Add to Panel menu but could not figure it out.

The answer was easy! Just readd the Notification Area back under Utilities in the Add to Panel menu. Here is the step by step.

1. Right-Click on the Top Panel area or whichever Panel you want to add the icons too and choose Add to Panel

2. Scroll down to the Utilities area and either Drag the Notification Area item to the Panel or click on it and click the +Add button.

3. Voila! Bluetooth (if you have BT), Wifi, and Battery status will be back. Wasn’t that easy?


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  • Anonymous

    Thank you!!!! This has been getting on my nerves for a week!!

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    thanks…very useful


      thankqa…….i was struggling on it!

      • Les Lowther

        To get the battery and wifi and volume icons back on the top panel….right click “top panel…click “add new items”…click “indicator plugin”…click “add” >

  • petee

    Thank You sooo much, deleted it by mistake and just decided to reinstall ha
    happened again and decided to look for help this time
    You saved me 😀

  • Dragix

    Thank you! This has also been bothering me. This page was the 1st result on Bing

    • bolo

      What a hilarious comment. A Linux user, searching Bing.

  • Anonymous

    this method is very easy and i encourage you to help in other issues

  • Jon

    Many thanks for this post – I am not sure how it disappeared, but it is very handy to get it back! :o)

    • Anonymous

      I had only the Bluetooth icon missing, so this fix didn’t work. I tried deleting the panel and creating a new one, but when I added the Notification Area, I still only had the battery icon, sound icon, and wireless icon – no Bluetooth. What I finally figured out was: go to System > Preferences > Bluetooth. In the bottom left-hand corner, I checked “Show Bluetooth icon”. This made the icon show up in the notification area once again. Yippie! 😀
      I feel dumb, so I hope I can help others avoid my recent frustration.

      • longreach81

        Thank you so much! I had this problem and it was driving me nuts, I can’t beleive I never noticed the bluetooth preferences…

  • Anonymous

    Cheers! =)

  • Terry

    Wow, that WAS easy. I’m a newbie who accidentally did a “Remove from Panel” of my wireless icon…got it back in like 30 seconds.

  • Prabakaran

    hi thanks

  • Prabakaran

    its working well thanks by
    ZyberZap Internet Cafe

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    thank you! very nice


    thanks. Works fine also with 8.04

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    thanks, very useful.

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    really helped alot

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    Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

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    srsly why is this not one of the selectable things by default…

    u are my savior 😀

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    Thanks! That was easy!

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    thinks now very easy 

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    Hey, Simple solution, That was bugging me. Thanks!

  • Jake

    Thank you so much! On my nerves for weeks. Finally got around to researching it and your page came right up.

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    you dont even know how many hours I have been searching for a solution to this, thank you

  • Vikash Kumar

    Thanks a lot………!!!!!!!!!! Its working for me

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    Thank you so much 🙂

  • Viltsu

    Nope, not that easy. I lost it when I did select something on the upper panel (when updating Ubuntu and after that getting rid of the stuff that I don’t like). When I go to upper panel, I cannot select add anything anymore. No right click working. I can select already added icons only. Before this I could add there.
    Is there some way I can add Notification area by apt-get or editing some text file?

  • amina

    i went to “add to panel” option but battery, bluetooth and wireless options were not there.plzz tell me what to do now??