Wii: Set Time

A recent wii update puts the clock on the main menu screen. Suddenly, a lot of people (including me) realized that often the time on the wii is not set accurately. Therefore, here are the instructions how how to set the correct time on the wii.

Here is a quick howto on setting the time on the wii…

1. Click the Wii Options button in the lower left hand corner

2. Click Wii Settings button

3. Click the Calendar button

4. Click the Time button

5. Set the time and press the Confirm button


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The Conversation

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  • b54

    how do u change it from am to pm??

  • Ann in Alabama

    I thought I was just going to have to live with the time being off! BTW, easiest tutorial I’ve run across in a loooong time. Thank you.

  • apr53

    The directions were easy to follow thanks..

  • dsagar

    thank you thank you! Wii fit kept nagging me for not doing my exercises daily when I was–it was just that the time was screwed up. Doubtless it will nag me for something else now…

  • Name

    Thanks this problem was driving me crazy.

  • Kmiss

    This was the easiest tutorial ever. Thanks

  • Xxx

    Why doesn’t the Wii automatically get the time from the internet, like every other electronic device in the world?

  • Wmarilyn66

    Thank you sooooo much

  • Aii

    Wii Controller?I just rented a guecmabe game for my Wii system. I do not have a guecmabe controller, but I have the classic controller that you hook up the Wii wand. Why can’t I play the guecmabe game. The game is Luigi’s Mansion. I thought that works as the guecmabe and classic controller in one. Do I have to buy a guecmabe controller and if so, how do I hook it up to my Wii system. The guecmabe controller plugings are round on the ends, plus no hook up on the Wii system for it. I am so confused and I know it is probably something silly that I missed. I am new to this system. Any help would be appreciated.