YouTube: How to Delete a Video

At some point it will become necessary to remove a video that you have uploaded to YouTube. Maybe you uploaded the same video twice, maybe you were asked to remove it, or maybe it turned out to be more embarrassing than you can take.

Please remember that deletions are permanent and that the deletion process can not be reversed or undone. You will only be able to remove videos that you have uploaded into your account. After you delete the video, it will become unavailable for viewing immediately. You may continue to see it in thumbnails, search results, and other lists as the removal from these areas takes longer.

1Go to YouTube and login to your account.

Sign In To YouTube

2Click your Username at the top to reveal the User Menu. Click Video Manager.

Video Manager

3Check the box beside the video that you want to delete from your Youtube account.

Check The Video

4At the top of your videos, click the Actions drop-down menu, and select Delete.

Actions > Delete

5When presented with the delete video Confirmation, click Yes, delete.

Delete Video Confirmation


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  • jaycris

    this really works!!

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    thanks!! 🙂

    • jazmin

      > Thanks soooo muchhh!!!!

  • Oguz

    It isn’t working. the remove button isn’t there, below the video. I think i know hy, because the settings for youtbe are changed.

    • Anonymous

      yeah. if you want to on the newer one, you have to check the box beside it and then check the top thingy and click “delete”

    • kg555824kol5

      you have to select that video and on the top u can find delete button and press on that

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  • juan

    thanks following this steps, it was easy to remove my video

  • Emar

    Thanks for the tutorial….

  • ashley

    thank you(:

  • amanda

    do you know how to remove videos from a group that you own?

  • Anonymous

    Why is video still visible when searched?

  • Anonymous

    what can i do to remove someone alse video?

    • Isanyav

      You can’t delete other peoples videos….

  • Jesús Federico

    1842 hours Saturday, March 20, 2010 Thank You Very Much —Wow! You Really Helped Me.

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    There is no My Account or My Vidoe!!!*&^%

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  • TaylOr

    it removed the video from my channel but it didn’t remove it completly how i delete it forever?

  • Jena Brill

    thank you

  • Cybervigilante

    doesn’t work. youtube is all different and making it really hard to find stuff.

  • Skyskraper1

    Thank you for advice, however, i cant seem to follow step 2 because where it says hello ……….. mail (0) my account. thats not on my screen, could you please tell me what ive to do to help remove my videos, thank you. James

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    naeem of qaldara

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    Brilliant thank you

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    thank you soooo much!!!!

  • DutchWaterr

    Damn, what a bollocks to find just a bloody REMOVE button….
    I finally found it.
    What you need to do is the following:Select the video in the “my uploaded video’s section”
    On the top of your list of videos you see “add to” and to the righthandside of that “Actions”Click on Actions and immediately the first tab says “Delete” Don’t read over that, because that’s what I’ve been doing the past weeks trying to find it lol

    • Whatever

      > my ‘add to’ button is unselectable as well as my ‘actions button’ i’ve done every other step but it wont delete what do i do?

  • J

    I can delete the video from a few sites, however, if I google the name, and the song of the video that I performed I can sitll find it on the internet/youtube. Any idea, how to permanantly remove the video, so that it cannot be googled and or found?

    • > Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been out of town. From your description, it seems like your video was online for long enough for Google to get ahold of it and put it in its cache. It’ll eventually be removed from the cache once it realizes the video is no longer there, but I can’t really give you a time frame on that. Clear your browser cache, then go directly to YouTube and try searching for the video. If it’s still there, shoot me an email with how to find the video: and I’ll see if I can figure anything else out.

  • J

    Also, does it make a difference if the video was converted? The video was originally shot with mac softwarre and I had to use DIVX to upload it onto my pc. I was then able to upload it onto YOUTUBE, but for the life of me, when googled, it still shows up on the inernet/youtube. Please, HELP.

    I really want to remove this video, and post another of better quality in the near future.

  • Michelle

    I know how to delete my videos but if I go to channel stats and my top ten videos, it is still there.Is there any way to delete it?

    • Can you still watch the video when you click it in the top ten videos? It may just take a little tile for the server to remove it once you delete it.

  • gaurav

    how can i remove video from you tube. I forgot my gmail account name and password. Any shortest way for this

  • Mali

    I can view my video, but when I go into to delete it, it doesn’t show up in the video manager. How can I delete it then? I never deleted it, so it should be in the video manager, right. This is the first video I have uploaded since You Tube changed. I see my old videos in the video manager, but not the new one I would like to delete.

    Thank You!

    • Aaron St. Clair

      Can you provide a link to the video so I can take a look at your profile to see if the video shows up for others?

  • brian

    hey I use to delete my videos occasionally cause of errors or copy right crap, now It won’t let me do it anymore. the section where it says action and then delete, well when I check markk the video I want, the action menu won’t let me go inside/ basically it won’t let me delete an video, try it out, don’t worry, the action bar won’t even let you choose the delete button or anything.. if you know how to fix this or if it’s an new system thanks.. I’m pretty sure it’s an new rule of youtube. sadly

    • What browser are you using? I just tested my method again and deleted a video with ease. Try using Google Chrome, it worked for me.

      • Sam

        hi, can u help me. One of my friend uploaded video of mine on youtube. Then i asked her to delete it and she did, today 3 hours ago. But still i can play that video and see it. How com it is not deleted and i even can play it from other computer , even after she deleted it.

  • Ann

    Thank you for your info. I have tried this many times and it does not work because even though my video is still on youtube, it does not come up as an UPLOAD. It only comes up on my history. I can delete it from the history using the steps you mentioned but not directly from youtube or from a google search. I even tried to put the video in a document and tried to upload it as a file but they said they could not accept an archive file.
    Any suggestions. The youtube team is trying to help as well, but so far –no luck.

    Thanks again.

    • Not sure exactly what would be causing this issue, but it does seem to be an issue with YouTube and your account. Try using a browser you don’t normally use, such as Opera. Create a new YouTube account and upload your video. See if this video works correctly. If it does, then you know for sure that the problem lies with either the browser you’re using, or some underlying problem with your youtube account that you have no control over. If using Opera works, try logging into your regular account and uploading the video. If that doesn’t work, then you know it’s not the browser and that it’s youtube’s problem.

    • David Kirk

      Ann and Aaron – I do wonder if this is not a caching issue within the YouTube servers. To speed up display and delivery of videos, google actually stores the videos in multiple places on multiple servers. Although a video may get deleted one the main servers, the mirrors may continue to hold the video for quite some time until the changes get propagated among the servers.

  • Nikki Ty

    Thanks SO much. Like many “details” … this one eluded me. And is so simple. Your mini tutorial is excellent. Clear and easily understood. I erased my trial scribblings in a nano-second.

    Also thanks for your generous spirit. I am always encouraged in this frightful world of nasty politics and greedy scoundrels … that Cyberspace is full of angels …. giving and sharing. GIMP, Musescore, WordPress, VideoPad, Musopen … I’m in awe. Then thousands of people like yourself whose goal is helping and sharing. You made my day …. Thanks …

  • Karla

    the “actions” button is grayed out and not pulling the drop down 🙁

  • mace

    what if the video its im not download anyone was download for that i can delete it too?

  • Logan

    It won’t work. The action button won’t let me click on it. What do i do?

  • Whatever

    yeah uh…im checking the box next to the video i want to delete but actions isn’t selctable, its not bolded around it and if you click on it nothing happens, whats wrong with it?

  • Daisuke

    Same here! The “action” button wont let me click. ” Its all white like its invisible.

    • For everybody having a problem with the Actions button, the only thing I can think of that could cause that problem is an issue with your browser. Try clearing your cache, and updating your Flash player. I’m currently using Chrome 24.0.1312.2 and following this tutorial, I am able to click the actions button fine. Make sure you have your video selected before trying to click the button!

  • Dwayne Wiebe

    Thankyou Sir for that most excellent advice. You shall be rewarded with many kind compliments! Shalom!

  • Arro

    Great info but have another question about video removal from youtube.
    After signing in to my acct, I see two videos I need to remove.
    But, when I go to video manager or uploads, it says no videos are found.
    Now how do I delete the two videos?
    Thanks for this and your other great articles!

  • Oscar

    i deleted my video and my account 2 days ago. but the video is still up

  • Courtney Brown

    It wont let me when i try…t always says an error has occured…pissed me off

  • bec

    i dont remember my email address but need to remove my video