PDFCreator: Prevent Users from Copying Content from Generated PDF Documents

Posted May 15, 2007 by Rob Rogers in Windows

When generating your PDF documents, it may be necessary to prevent users from copying the text and images. Here’s how to prevent the copying of content from your generated PDF documents:

1. Open PDFCreator (Go to the Start button, click All Programs, expand the PDFCreator folder and select PDFCreator).

2. Click Printer and select Options.

3. On the left side, under Formats, select PDF.

4. Select the Security tab.

5. Check the Use Security checkbox.

6. Under Disallow User to, check the Copy text and images checkbox.

7. Click the Save button.


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  • Brian

    Okay, but there are countless programs which will remove all protection from PDF files in a matter of seconds. I had a program a while ago (forget the name) because I used long alphanumeric passwords for a batch of documents…then lost the list of passwords. It was so easy to do it, I don’t think it’s worth using security other than to prevent the most computer illiterate data thieves…and I’m not a geek…

  • manour

    Hi guys,
    I’ve installed PDF Creator and have done all of the steps above in order to prevent readers from copying, but when I click add file, I don’t find my document although they are already exist. I use office 2003. How can I treat this? I hope to answer me quickly because I need it ! And best regards for the team.