Transfer iTunes Music to a Zune

Posted December 13, 2006 by Rob Rogers in Zune

If you have moved from Apple’s iPod to Microsoft’s Zune, you probably have some songs that you purchased from the iTunes Music Store that you would like to move to the new device. You will run into a hurdle if you try to transfer the files directly as Apple’s copy protection prevents the song from playing on another device. There is a workaround to this however…

1. Create a new playlist in iTunes.

2. Add the protected songs to your playlist until you have 72 minutes of music.

3. Click Edit and select Preferences.

4. Select the Advanced tab.

5. Click the radio button next to Audio CD on the Burning tab.

6. Click the Burn Disc button.

7. Upon completion of burning the disc, rip the songs to MP3 using Windows Media Player.

8. Open the Zune software and sync the newly created MP3’s to your Zune device.


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  • David

    In step 5 of Transfer iTunes music to Zune, there is no radio button, Audio CD or Burning tab. Where to from Here?

    • Anonymous

      right click on the playlist and click burn playlist to disk.

  • d1g1taLph3r3t

    This is a good work around but you end up wasting music CDRs unless you plan on keeping them but why? You already have an MP3 player to store your songs.

  • rob

    so, use CD-RWs.

  • Sam

    Burn them to a virtual drive 🙂

  • jarry

    It may waste a lot of CDs,and cost a lot of time.

    I use wondershare media converter instead of it.

  • C


  • donnie

    what if you want to transfer from a zune to an Ipod?

    • iTunes to Zune

      The same  as itunes to zune, burn music to CD

  • nab

    whats the format on itunes that u need to convert to mp3 on media player. how can i make mp3 to aac with out converters? [just using the media player or itunes]

  • Rickay

    or u could just say burn a cd then add to zune software jesus why make things so complicated

  • Kasimo011

    I really appreciate communities that are this impactful on the projects.

  • Statikleader

    just us a CD-RW you can keep using it

  • Sew_what

    i backed up the entire iTunes library on a mac and used a single dvd. How do I get this music to load onto the Zune software? No wonder i can’t stand microsoft products.

  • Don’t forget to get a good quality CD-RW, you won’t regret it.