Windows Live Messenger 2011: Recover Deleted Contacts

   Posted December 12, 2010 by Lê Hoàng in Windows

If you have accidently deleted some contacts from your friend list in Windows Live Mail 2011, this tutorial will help you recover them.

1. Sign out of your account (if you are still online).

2. Go to and log in your account.

3. Click on Messenger->Contacts (you don’t need to sign in to Messenger).

4. Go to Manage->Restore deleted contacts.

5. Choose the contacts you want to restore and click Restore.  You can also restore all contacts by clicking on Restore all. Please note that you can’t restore contacts deleted more than 30 days ago.

6. After contacts have been restored, click on Add as friend.

7. Choose Invite in the pop up window. After that, contacts will be restored. Your friends will not receive any invitation because your ID is still in their list.

8. Sign in back to WLM. (It may take some minutes for deleted contacts to appear in your list)


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  • Refouz

    thanks tons

  • Besabeqiraj

    Isn’t it possible to restore the deleted contacts even if they were removed for a long time ago? please somebody tell me

  • babygirl

    Isn’t it possible to restore the deleted contacts even if they were removed for along time ago? Please somebody tell me!

    • Anonymous

      you can’t restore contacts that were deleted more than 30 days ago.

  • jibran hanif

    Thanks a million 😀

  • Andy Darlington

    You have no idea how much I love you. Spent all day creating a database of contacts and then deleted the lot in two seconds. Now they’re all back. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  • Blake Stovin

    i have been having issues looking for someone i had on my list but unlike the old vertion of windows live messanager this new vertion dosnt give you the option to look up people in your privacy section so i can readd them its way mor confusin and complicated than it needs to be

  • Mark

    I love you! I was setting up a phone and during contact sync, deleted someone’s entire hotmail contact list. Now I’ve got it back. You are great. And hotmail too, for having this feature

  • Linda Price

    Thank you so much. Someone hacked my acct and deleted all my contacts which erased then out of my iphone4S. I had 620 addresses and phone numbers and cause of this site I found them all. Thank you again.

    • David Kirk

      Glad that we could help! Tell your friends about us. 🙂

  • Reem

    I used to chat with a very dear friend… I donno how but i deleted his address long time ago & i need to communicate with him for a necessary matter… please help am desperate…

    • Lê Hoàng

      > When was the last time you contacted your friend?
      If it is still under a month, you should be able to recover his address using the above steps.

  • Ibelieveso

    Is it absolutely guaranteed that the person being restored will not receive an invitation? I am afraid it might send such things to that person since I have once accidently deleted him- he didnt seem very pleased. 😐

  • Abbie

    oh my dear god, thank you!!!:D

  • auntie C

    I have a question, with this new version it doesn’t seem like you can search for people that you don’t already have their email address or who is not already a contact like in the older version. Is there a way to do this? I meet people and try to search to see if they have a live account and it always just takes me back to my “People” page and of course says “no results”…………..? When I google them it sometimes will pull up Live Profile link but once again when I click on it, it takes me back to “People” and “no results” FRUSTRATING to say the lest.

    • lynn

      i hate the new version of windows 2011. you can’t view the profile of your contacts so you can’t see who is on their list of friends like in the older version. you can’t even see your own profile
      just very briefly. that is stupid. why don’t they leave the things the way they were it was simpe and more entertaining to try to make more friends.