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Outlook 2007: How To Put Your Calendar into a Message

Trying to set up a meeting with someone who doesn’t have access to your shared calendar can be challenging. Outlook 2007 makes it much easier by allowing you to easily include your calendar in your email message. You can show availability only, availability and subjects of calendar items, or availability and full details of calendar items. You can even choose whether to include the details of items marked private. To do this . . .

1. Create your new message.

2. When you are ready to insert your calendar, click the Calendar button (it is located in the Include section of the Ribbon).

3. Now choose the information you wish to include from the dropdown boxes. First select the Date Range you wish to use, then select the Detail.

4. Under Advanced, click the Show button to select from further options (Include details of items marked private, include attachments within calendar items, and changing the email layout from daily schedule to a list of events.

5. Click OK.

This will place the information inside your message, showing your availability. It will also attach an ics file to the message.

Rob Rogers
Rob Rogers
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