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Excel 2007: How to View Twitter Updates (Tweets) in a Worksheet

If you find yourself yearning to view Twitter updates in a worksheet, then this is for you. Seriously, Excel can be a useful tool for viewing Tweets, allowing you to format them to your liking. You can add multiple Twitter feeds to your worksheet and have an inconspicuous viewer to read them.

1. Open Excel and create a new workbook.

2. Open your browser and go to the Twitter page that you wish to follow the updates for (for example http://twitter.com/techrecipes).

3. On the Twitter page, go to the column on the right-side of the page. Beneath the Following section, you will see an RSS icon and a link for the RSS feed of this page. Right-click the link and copy the link address.

4. Go to your newly created Excel workbook. Select the cell that you wish the Tweets to begin displaying.

5. Go to the Ribbon and select the Data tab.

6. Click From Web.

7. A New Web Query window will open. Paste the copied url into the Address textbox and click the Go button.

8. The XML for the RSS feed will appear inside the window. Click the arrow in the upper-right corner, it will change to a checkmark.

9. Click the Import button. A message window will appear stating that the specified XML source does not refer to a schema, click the OK button.

10. An Import Data window will appear, verify that the desired starting cell is used. Click the OK button. A large amount of columns will appear in your workbook. The main ones you will be interested in are description3 and guid. These will display the Tweet and its URL. Hide the rest of the columns.

11. Select the description3 column, go to the Home tab on the Ribbon. In the Allignment section, click the Wrap Text button so that the entire tweet will be visible. Resize the column to the desired width.

12. Select all cells in both columns. Go to the Design tab on the Ribbon. Use the Table Styles section to style the selection.

13. Save the worksheet.

14. When you want to check for new tweets, go to the Data tab on the Ribbon and select the Refresh All button. Any new tweets will be shown in the worksheet.

Rob Rogers
Rob Rogers
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