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How to Set up A Business Profile on Uber (Android)

You can set up your business profile on Uber. What that entails is that your business rides will be separated from your personal-use rides, such as your rides to a friend’s place or the shopping center. Uber for business lets you add your workplace, company’s title, work email and other such vital credentials that are basically all a part of your work. You can better manage and organize your work life from your personal life as far as your use of Uber is concerned. Read on to discover how to set up a business profile on Uber (Android).

Setting Up Your Business Profile on Uber Android Device

1. Open your Uber account from your Android device.

2. Tap on More from the top left-side corner.

3. Hit the option for Your trips.

4. Tap on Past to access the drop-down list for types of trips.

Going to business profile on Uber for Android.

5. Select Business.

6. Tap on GET STARTED.

Getting started with a business profile on Uber for Android.

7. Select JOIN NOW.

8. Type in your work email.

9. Tap NEXT.

Adding a business email in Uber business profile for Android.

10. Set your payment method then hit NEXT.

11. Select when you’d like to receive business travel reports.

12. Tap on NEXT.

Setting up a business report time duration on Uber for Android.

13. Select desired expense programme (if any) otherwise tap on SKIP.

14. Follow the prompt.

Your business profile on Uber for Android has been set.

Business profile set up on Uber for Android.

Activating Your Business Profile on Uber (Android)

15. Go to your email.

16. Verify your Uber business profile by clicking verification link.

Your business profile on Uber has now been activated.

Business profile activation on Uber for Android.

Editing and Deleting Your Business Profile on Uber (Android)

17. Go to your Uber account.

18. Tap on the More icon.

19. Tap on Wallet.

20. Scroll down and select Business under Trip profiles section.

21. To invite more members to join this profile, tap on invite then follow directions given.

Inviting members in business profile on Uber for Android.

22. To edit your Uber business profile, fill in the highlighted sections.

Editing business profile on Uber for Android.

23. To delete your Uber business profile, tap on Delete profile.

Deleting business profile on Uber for Android.


24. Follow the prompt.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I set up a business profile on Uberto begin with?

This profile, separate from your personal Uber profile, accumulates all the rides you take with Uber to your workplace and back home. Your Uber business receipts are organized in this profile. If you want to share a ride to work with a colleague, the Invite feature in the Uber business profile comes in handy there. All in all, this unique profile organizes your Uber-for-personal-use from your Uber-for-business-use.

2. Can I use my personal email instead of my work email?

Even though you can use an email other than your work email to set up your business profile on Uber, it is suggested to put in your work email. That is the whole point of this unique profile to begin with; including your work email will better streamline receipts and business trip reports from your business trips.

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