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How to Make a Video Call on FaceTime for iPhone

Use FaceTime to make free video calls to other Apple users. Learn how to make a video call on Facetime for iPhone.

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How to Recover Your Apple ID Password

Your Apple ID is your key to unlocking all of Apple’s services. Your iPhone would be nothing but an expensive multimedia device and phone without an Apple ID. One issue with Apple IDs is that you rarely use them. Once you set your phone up with your Apple ID, it may be a few months […]

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How to Back Up Your iPhone to a Computer

Your files are important, so a periodic backup of your data is highly recommended. This is because storage devices are always at the risk of being corrupted, damaged, lost, or stolen. Performing backups from one storage device to another ensures that you have copies of your files. When relating this to your phone, it is […]

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How to Add a Text Box to a PDF on Mac

Add Text Box to PDF Mac Yosemite

In a previous post, I demonstrated how to highlight, underline, and strikethrough text in a PDF file using Mac’s built-in Preview app. This article will go a step farther and show you how to add text boxes to your PDFs, which is helpful if you want to add a bold note to a page or leave a note […]

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How to Adjust Image Color in Mac Preview

How to Edit Images in Mac Preview

Preview is the default application for opening images on Mac computers. You may be surprised to learn that Preview comes with some hidden photo editing tools. These are not as powerful as what you would find in Photoshop or other paid programs, but they are all that the average photo editor needs to tune up their […]

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Mac: Customize your Desktop Wallpaper

How to customize your mac desktop wallpaper

This article will walk you though how to change the desktop image on your Mac picture or on the slideshow of your choosing. You can pick from the gorgeous images provided by Apple or use your own pictures.

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How to Draw Shapes and Images on PDFs Using Mac

How to Draw Shapes on Mac Preview

Preview is Mac’s default app for viewing files such as PDFs, JPEGs, PNGs, and most other image files. Preview has tools that allow you to draw shapes such as arrows, stars, and rectangles onto your image. You can even mask or magnify part of your file. This allows you to annotate your file visually.

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How to Add a Note to a PDF on Mac

Add Notes to PDF Mac OS X Yosemite

In a previous tutorial, I explained how to add text boxes to PDFs using Preview, Mac’s default app for viewing PDFs and other files. Adding notes with Preview is very similar to adding text boxes. The main difference is that notes minimize into a small square. You click on the square to display the whole […]

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How to Resize Images on Mac

Resize Images Mac OS X Yosemite

You might find you need to resize an image for many reasons. Sometimes, you need to adjust a photo’s dimensions to get it ready for printing. Other times, you may need to reduce the resolution of a group of photos to make the file smaller so that they can be emailed. All these tasks are easily accomplished using Preview, Mac’s […]

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How to Highlight PDFs in Mac OS X Yosemite

Highlight PDFs Mac Yosemite

Preview, the default program for viewing files such as PDFs in Apple’s OS X, is an underappreciated program. Preview has many features inconspicuously built in, including tools to let you highlight, underline, and cross out text in PDFs. All of the changes you make can be saved in the PDF.

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Mac: How to Use Multiple Desktops

Mac Multiple Desktops

My life changed for the better when I discovered multiple desktops for Mac OS X. I am a multitasker and tend to have several applications running at once. Multiple desktops, sometimes called “spaces,” help me stay organized and switch quickly between apps. Here’s how to set up multiple desktops on your Mac.

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OS X: Hide Folders and Files from Spotlight

By default, Spotlight indexes most of your files, and they can be accessed by entering search terms. While this is a convenient feature since you do not have to remember the exact location of your files, your secret files may be exposed. Luckily, it is possible to configure Spotlight to exclude specific files from the […]