How to Set the Samsung Gear S3 Home Key Shortcut

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You can quickly launch S Voice on your Samsung Gear S3 by double pressing on the Home key. The S Voice is a helpful feature, so some users are pleased that Samsung has made launching the app easier. However, recognizing the fact that not everyone uses the S Voice app, Samsung has made it possible for you to set the Gear S3 Home key to launch the apps and functions that you want. This tutorial will show you how to customize the Gear S3 Home key shortcut.

How to Customize the Samsung Gear S3 Home Key Shortcut

To change the default shortcut for the Gear S3 Home key, follow these steps:
1.Press the Home button on your Samsung Gear S3. Gear S3 Home Key
2.From Gear S3’s Home screen, tap on Settings.Gear S3 Home - Settings
3.From Settings, scroll down, and open the Device option.Gear S3 Home - Settings - Device
4.From the Device option, tap the Double Press Home option.Gear S3 Home - Settings - Device - Double Press Home
5.Choose from the list of available apps and functions. For purposes of this tutorial, I have selected Music Player.Gear S3 Home - Settings - Device - Double Press Home - Music Player
6.The Double Press Home option will now show Music Player.Gear S3 Home - Settings - Device - Double Press Home with Music Player
7.Press the Home Key twice to see that the Gear S3 Home Key shortcut is now set to open the Music Player.Gear S3 Playing Music

List of Available Home Key Shortcuts

These are the apps and functions that you can set to the Home Key:
None – the Home Key will not do anything when you do a double press
Last app – double pressing the Home Key will switch you to the last app opened; this is the “Alt+Tab” equivalent on the Gear S3
Recent apps – opens the Recent apps page where all the apps that were recently opened are displayed
Quick dial – opens the Quick dial feature
Alarm – launches the alarm function
Contacts – opens the Contacts
Email – launches the Email app
Find My Phone – opens an app that helps you find your lost phone
Gallery – opens the Gallery app
Messages – allows you to open, read, message on your Gear S3
Music Player – launches the music player on your phone
Phone – opens the Phone app
Schedule – shows your set schedules
Settings – opens Gear S3’s settings
Weather – opens the Weather app
World Clock – opens the World Clock app

Now you know how to set a Samsung Gear S3 Home key shortcut and the apps which support this feature. You can search our site for more tips and tricks on Samsung Gear S. If you have questions or concerns with any of the steps above, let us know in the comments section.


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