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Posted February 9, 2004 by Al Banks in Sendmail

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Behind the scenes, the commands sent to mail servers are simple text commands. These commands can be sent to an email server manually via Telnet. This is a quick way to test an email server to determine if it is an open relay.

First, determine the MX for the domain in question:

set type=mx

This should return something like such as the following: Server:
Address: preference = 10, mail exchanger = nameserver = internet address = internet address =

The last two lines tell you about the mail server (MX = Mail Exchange). In this case, and

So, armed with this knowledge, note the following examples:

telnet 25

Server responds with: 220 SMTP

Server responds with: 250 OK
MAIL FROM:[email protected]

Server responds with: 250 Address Ok.
RCPT TO:[email protected]

Server responds with: 250 [email protected] OK

Server Responds (or may not): 354 Enter Mail
Enter message, and then on a new line, enter the following;


The message should now be sent. By modifying the MAIL FROM and RCPT TO lines, you can test for open relay.

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