SSH Configuration on PIX Firewall

Posted October 27, 2003 by Al Banks in Cisco firewall

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This tech-recipe explains configuring encrypted remote sessions to PIX Firewalls with SSH.

Secure SHell (SSH) provides encrypted terminal sessions, along with several other useful features.

The website has configuration examples for practically everything under the planet, including the start for this one.

To configure a Cisco PIX Firewall to support SSH, enter the following commands:

hostname myfirewall
domain-name mydomain.mytld
ca gen rsa key 1024
ssh inside
ssh timeout 60
passwd YourPasswordGoesHere
ca save all

This configuration allows SSH from the address on the inside interface. Change this address to something that makes sense for your network. If desired, you can use this line to allow access from any address on the outside interface:
ssh outside

The “ca save all” is important. This command saves the rsa keys.

In order to connect, first get an SSH client. PuttY is a popular one for Microsoft Windows, and SSH clients are packaged with most Linux distributions.

For Linux, the command line (for a pix at IP address is as follows:
ssh -1 -c des [email protected]

For Solaris (from Cisco’s website):
./ssh -c 3des -1 pix -v

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