SQL Server 2005: How To Perform a Full Backup of a Database

Posted February 7, 2007 by Rob Rogers in Database

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A full backup includes database files and locations as well as parts of the transaction log. A full backup is necessary, regardless of the backup strategy that is implemented, because all other backup types (differential and transaction log) depend on the having a full backup. To perform a full backup of your database, follow these steps:

1. Open SQL Server 2005 Management Studio.

2. Connect to the appropriate server.

3. Expand Databases.

4. Right-click the desired database, mouseover Tasks and select Back Up.

5. The Back Up Database window will appear.

6. Select the desired database from the Database dropdown.

7. Select Full from the Backup Type dropdown.

8. Under Destination, select an existing device or click Add to input a new one if no device has been added.

9. In the left pane, select Options.

10. Under Reliability, check the Verify backup when finished checkbox.

11. Click OK and the backup will start.

12. Once the backup is complete, a notification box will appear. Click OK to close the box. You have now performed a full backup of your database.


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