XP: Remove the Taskbar from Your Screen

Posted March 15, 2006 by William_Wilson in Windows

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Disabling/removing the taskbar from your desktop is a simple task. The following tutorial describes how this is done.

The following script, saved as removeTaskbar.reg, will remove all of the items individually from your taskbar, forcing them not to show up on the desktop.




*NOTE: If you wish to have this only apply until your next reboot, run it with the following:

This will keep Windows from saving the settings, and the taskbar should reappear on your next reboot.

**If it does not, change all the values to 000000 to disable ALL features. Also, remove the from the first path line. This will return the taskbar and its components.
*NOTE: You may have to re-add any toolbars or other items you had previously added to the taskbar.

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