XP: Start Menu Registry Hacks 3 (Scripts Included)

Posted March 3, 2006 by William_Wilson in Windows

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You can add and remove all the annoying features XP forces upon you, including the pinned window, recent documents, and logoff/shutdown buttons.

All keys apply to the Start menu.

Key Path for All Keys (except the last one):



Add keys wanted below path in a .reg file
value 00000001 = 1 for enabled
value 00000000 = 0 for disabled

*I will write all code with the intention of enabling the feature.
*These hacks should also remove the check boxes from the Start menu customization menu, so keep your script in case you wish to go back.
*Nearly all of these changes will require a logoff or reboot to take effect.

Set Recent Documents’ Maximum Size:
*For this one, you may enter the size you wish. Supplied is the value for 10.


Clear Recent Documents on Logoff or Shutdown:


Remove Recent Documents:


Remove Favorites Menu:


Remove Frequently Used List:


Remove Network Places Icon:


Remove My Documents Icon:


Remove My Pictures:


Remove My Music:


Remove Most Explorer Search Options:


Remove Run Icon:


Remove My Computer Icon:
***Special Key:


Questions/Comments: [email protected]
-William. ยง (marvin_gohan)

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