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How to Establish a Single Switched Network

If you have not read our previous tech-recipe, please do. The previous article was an introduction to eNSP and Wireshark Huawei. In this article, we will see how we can establish a single switched network.

eNSP is a graphical network simulation platform. Wireshark works alongside eNSP, you can run the data packets in the network and analyze in Wireshark

The introduction of switching devices as a part of the network demonstrates how networks are able to expand beyond point-to-point connections and shared networks in which connections may occur. Switched networks can overcome the performance obstacles of a shared network.

The establishment of a switch brings the capacity for increased port density to enable the connection of greater end devices per network.

We will do a basic configuration of a switch in a network.

How to Establish a Single Switched Network


1. Open eNSP on your computer.

2. Click to open new topology

3. Select any of the switches

4. Select an end device, a PC.

5. Connect the two using a copper wire.

6. Start the devices by clicking on the start.

7. Now click on the CLI.

Once done, you need to make a few changes to the configuration of the switch.

8. This is how the switch CLI will open.

9. Now type the commands. Write “Open Sys-view”. Then, “interface Gigabitethernet 1/1/0”.  Then, “duplex full” and “speed 100”. This setting will enable the switch to work with the speed 100 and a full-duplex connection will be established.

10. Now type “display interface” to see if the system is Up and running.


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