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How to Mute a Gmail Thread

I belong to a large email group for my extended family. While the group is great for getting news from all my relatives, I occasionally get caught in a never-ending conversation about something I do not want to see such as a Halloween party that I will not be able to attend. My phone keeps buzzing with notifications from everyone chiming in about who can come and what they are bringing, sometimes even when I am trying to sleep. Fortunately, there is a way to mute or ignore responses to an email thread in Gmail. Muted email threads are not shown your your inbox, but they do not get deleted and will show up if you search for them. This is a really handy feature that I wish I had learned about ages ago.

Mute a Gmail Thread

Use the steps below, to mute responses to an email thread.

1.Select or open the email message you want to mute. Click More, and select Mute from the list of options. The email message will be moved to your archive, and future messages will skip your inbox unless they are sent or cc’d directly to you.Gmail Mute

2.To find a muted thread, search for it as you would a regular email message. If you cannot remember the subject line, you can search is:muted to pull up a list of all email threads that you have muted.

3.To unmute a thread, select or open the muted email message. Click More like you did in Step 1, and select Unmute. Alternatively, you can open the message, and click the X next to the mute label. This does not move the conversation back to your inbox from your archive, but future email messages will show up in your inbox. If you want to move a muted or unmuted message from your archive to your inbox, select it, and press the move to inbox button that appears a couple of spots over from the More button.


Ashley Blood
Ashley Blood
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