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How to Change WordPress Theme

The WordPress blog platform comes with a theme store full of quality themes that you can use anytime you want to transform the look of your site. If you think that your blog looks a bit outdated, you can follow this tutorial to change its theme. Because the theme store is integrated right into WordPress, previewing and switching themes for your site can be done in just a few clicks. Continue reading to find out how.

Please note that not all of the themes in the store are free. Many quality themes cost real money. However, free themes are well-developed. In this tutorial, I will be using free themes for demonstration purposes.

1. Log into your WordPress account.

2. When the dashboard is loaded, select the site for which you want to change the theme. If you own multiple sites, click the My Sites -> Switch Site button at the top-left of the page, and choose the desired page from there.


3. On the left sidebar, select Themes. Do not select the Customize button as it only lets you configure the current theme of the site.


4. The main area of the website shows a grid of thumbnails for each theme. By default, all free and paid themes are shown. If you only want to see either free or paid themes, click the drop-down box next to the search box, and select the appropriate filter.

5. When you hover your mouse over a theme, you will see an option to preview how the theme looks on your site.


6. If you are happy with the preview, click Try and Customize to change your site’s theme accordingly.


7. Finally, click Save & Activate to change the theme.


8. The changes take effect immediately, so you can visit your site to see how it looks. If you are not satisfied with the look, you can always switch back to the old theme or select another one. If you just need to change parts of the new one, you can customize it by clicking the Customize button inside Dashboard.

Lê Hoàng
Lê Hoàng
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