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How to Find Someone on WhatsApp  

When you’re in a hurry, features like searching for a contact, a message, a certain keyword or some other such detail can be a time-saver; it’s hassle free. In fact, a search feature has become sort of mandatory in every good social media app these days. Everyone would normally expect to find a search bar on the top or a corner of an app they’ve just installed. Similarly, you can search for contacts on WhatsApp, too. Only thing that’s required is for their number to be present in your address book. So get to know how to find someone on WhatsApp, as well as how to invite contacts to WhatsApp in simple steps. The process follows the Android version of the app.

Finding Someone on WhatsApp – Method 1

1. Open WhatsApp.

2. Tap on search on top right corner.

3. Enter first few letters of contact.


4. Searched contact will pop up.

Finding Someone on WhatsApp – Method 2

1. Open WhatsApp.

2. Tap on new chat icon.

3. And then tap on search from top-right corner.

4. Type first few letters of contact.


5. Select contact once it shows up in search.

Inviting Contacts to WhatsApp

Sometimes, you may not be able to find a contact on WhatsApp when you search for them. That’s because they don’t have a WhatsApp account…yet. You can simply invite them to make one.

Sending invitations on WhatsApp is just as easy as finding someone. All it takes is a tap of a button. There are multiple third-party apps you can send WhatsApp account invitations from, including Gmail, SMS, Twitter, Tumblr messages, and any other messaging app you might have installed in your device. Sending invitations via Gmail and SMS seems to be the most common, though.

If you have set out to find someone on WhatsApp and realize they don’t have a WhatsApp account, you can invite them to create one by following these steps:

1. Follow steps 1-3 from above (method 1) OR steps 1-4 (method 2).

2. Type in the name of the contact in search bar > INVITE.


The name and contact number of someone without a WhatsApp account only shows up for invitation if you have that contact added in your device’s phone address book. That’s necessary for WhatsApp to show that contact, even if they don’t have an account on the app.

3. Send invitation link via SMS.

The SMS app is automatically pre-selected by WhatsApp as the third-party app through which invitation link is sent.

Inviting Someone without a Phone Number to WhatsApp

Lets say the contact you wish to invite doesn’t even own a phone number. You can still invite them to join WhatsApp; a number is not compulsory for such a task. You simply send the invitation link via a messaging app other than SMS. To select another app to send invitation link from:

1. Follow steps 1-3 from above (method 1) OR steps 1-4 (method 2).

2. Tap on Invite friends.

3. Select app to send invitation link from.

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