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How to Block Someone on Tik Tok [Easy Steps with Pictures]

TikTok, unlike other social platforms, is relatively safe. People haven’t reported as many incidences of bullying, hate speech, or spamming. However, no one is safe from some kind of backlash, not even on Tiktok. And sometimes, the only choice you have left to get rid of some stalker, or blackmailing cheapshot, is to block them from your tik tok profile.

This Tech-Recipe will teach you how to do just that and help you reassert your safety and privacy in the process.

 Blocking a Follower on TikTok

1. Open the tik tok app.How to block someone on tik tok step 1

2. Tap me located on the right-bottom of your home screen.

3. Click Following.How to block someone on tik tok step 2

4. Select the follower you want to block.How to block someone on tik tok step 3

5. Tap the three horizontal dots on his profile, in the top-right corner.How to block someone on tik tok step 4

6. Click Block.How to block someone on tik tok step 5

7. Tap Confirm.

Unblocking Someone on Tik Tok

Similarly, if there’s a friend you had a fight with, but now you’ve buried the hatchet, you can unblock them. It’s quite simple and similar to blocking a fan on Tik Tok.

Here’s how it is done.

1. Open Tik Tok.

2. Tap Discover (located on the bottom of the main homepage).

3. In the search box, type the name of the user you wish to unblock.

4. Click on their profile in the search results.

5. Tap the three horizontal dots (top-right corner of your screen).

6. Select Unblock.

A message confirming your selection will appear on your screen. This will enable you to view their videos and content and interact with them once again.

Youtube Tutorial: Block/Unblock Someone on Tik Tok

Some Tips to Handle Negative Feedback and Hate on Tik Tok

Of course, in his Internet-ruled age, no one is safe from negativity despite setting up many security and privacy cordons. When someone wants to get a place in your head, the Internet provides them alternate routes to camp inside it, rent-free.

Keeping this in mind, and when all else fails, here are some things that you can do to save yourself from a sticky situation.

Don’t React

The haters feed on your reactions. If you don’t make a habit of ignoring them, their argumentations will keep your anger fever-pitched. And trust me, your relentless fight-back will only make you say things that you’re bound to resent later. And that’s the objective of the hater: to make you feel as resentful as he can make you feel.

Just lay off, and live your best life. Interact with people who are influential and can stomach the truth and constructive criticism. Steer clear from people whose main intention is to bring you down to their level.

Report them to the TikTok Management

The best way to get rid of someone who’s constantly making your life heel is to report him to TikTok’s alert management. If the person is in the wrong, after a rigorous investigation, they will ban him from the platform.

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