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How to Follow Posts on Facebook the Right Way

How do you follow a post on Facebook? Many of the users of the most famous social media on earth use the comment box to subscribe to a particular post and typing in anything just to follow the post. Do you know that Facebook now has the feature wherein you can follow a post without even leaving a comment? This article will teach you how to follow posts on Facebook the right way.

How to Properly Follow Posts on Facebook

Stop spamming comments just to follow posts on Facebook. Learn how to properly follow posts on Facebook by doing the following steps:

1. Open your Facebook account through your app or browser. For this example, I will be using my Facebook app version 148.0. When you find an interesting topic posted, click the post until you only see that post.Facebook Post 1
2. Tap the three dotted line on the upper right corner of your screen. A list of options will appear on your bottom screen. Facebook Post 1 Menu
3. Tap the Turn on Notifications. Depending on your version, the option can have a bell or globe icon.Facebook Post 1 Menu Turn On Notifications
● The “Save Photo” will store the picture you saved on your phone.
● The “Share” tab will able you to share the post wherever you like it to be shared but the “Send in Messenger” will make the sharing much easier through the use of Messenger App.
● You also have the option to choose the “I don’t like this Photo.” In which, it will direct you to the Report screen of Facebook to know your reason why.
● Then came the “Turn on Notifications,” this tab will allow you to follow the post. That means every comment or update on the post, you will get notified.
● Lastly, the “Cancel” tab is also available if you want to just disregard in following the post.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How would you know if there’s an update on the post you are following?
A: You can look at your Notifications to know if there’s an update to the post you are following. The Notifications will show you who left a comment on the post or if the person who posted had any changes or updates in that particular post.

Q: Does the feature allow you to follow the person who posted it as well?
A: The method discussed above is for following of a certain post alone whether by an individual or by a particular group. However, you can follow the person or a group page you want. By default, you are following your friends on Facebook. However, you can still navigate the post of someone that is not listed as your friend. Just open their profile, then click the follow button located on their main page. After that, the button will change to a box with a checkmark and tag it as “following.” This will work if an individual Facebook account was set to Public.

Q: I cannot see the three dots in the post.
A: If you are trying to follow the post from one of your friends in your newsfeed, you might see an arrow down across your friend’s name instead of the three dots. Tap that button, and the Turn on Notifications for this particular post will appear.

Q: Can I deactivate or unfollow posts?
A: If in some way you lost your interest in a certain post you are following, you can unfollow it. Visit the post and follow the same steps here. At the last step, you will see the “Turn OFF Notifications For this Post” instead of ON. Also, you can unfollow posts on your Notifications status. Simply swipe left the notifications, then tap the “More” button. Then choose the “Turn off Notifications About this Photo” on the next screen.

It is indeed amazing how Facebook bloomed and developed as the technology era took place. Share this article on a group page you had joined for this will somewhat lessen the annoying behavior of commenting “ff” of some members of a post you are currently following.

You just learned how to effectively follow posts on Facebook. If you have questions with any of the steps above, let us know in the comments.

Leomar Umpad
Leomar Umpad
A supply chain operations manager by profession. A technology-lover and a writer by heart. I have the passion to teach and inform.


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