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GreenThumb FAQ: Hints, Secrets, and Strategy


GreenThumb is a free iPhone game that is easy to learn but difficult to master. The following hints and secrets will propel you to the top of the leaderboard in no time. Feel free to post your tips as well.

If you don’t have the game already, go ahead and download the free version of GreenThumb now.


    First of all, there are no cheats in GreenThumb. We developed the blasted game… so we should know. 🙂


    Briefly, seeds are flying are the screen. You get to place one drop of water with your finger per round. Seeds that touch the water will turn into flowers and score. Seeds will also turn into flowers if they touch other flowers. It’s a typical chain-reaction type game.

GreenThumb Middle Shot

    Each in the game, just focus on placing the water near the middle of the screen. In these early levels, there are not a enough seeds on the board to get a long point-rich chain reaction. Placing the water near the middle of the screen will increase your chances of blooming all the seeds. Most people do this intuitively and really need to know how to score the high points. Let me explain the score structure…


    A seed touching the water is worth 50 points. A seed touching a flower that grew from touching the water will be worth 100 points. Any seed touching the 100 point flower will be worth 200 points. A seed touching that flower will be worth 400. Points continue to double for each new generation of flower.

GreenThumb Edge Shot

    If a bunch of seeds hit the water, you will have a bunch of 1st generation 50 point flowers and very little points. To score high points, try placing your water at the edges and corners of the screen. This will more effectively line your seeds up for chain reactions and decrease the chances of wasting seeds in the water. Certainly, this greatly increases your chances of losing seeds. No guts, no glory! I typically start getting aggressive trying to score points once I pass level 10.


    Extra seeds can be obtained two ways. First the easy way…Every ten levels completed yields an extra seed. Most people can get through level 10 without problems. Level 20 is tough if you are playing for high scores. I haven’t seen anybody get to level 30 yet.

GreenThumb Extra Seed

    Extra seeds can also be obtained by getting a perfect score on a level. I have only been able to accomplish this on levels one and two. Extra seed on Level 1 would be a level score of 750 (50+100+200+400). Extra seed on Level 2 would be a level score of 1550 (50+100+200+400+800).

Have fun playing the free version of GreenThumb. Can you beat the highest scores in the world?



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