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Posted October 4, 2005 by

Fdisk Tutorial: Removing and Creating Partitions

This tutorial describes using FDISK to remove all data and partitions on a drive.

Posted September 23, 2005 by

XP: How to Bypass Validation to Download Updates When the Product Key Is Invalid

The following tech-recipe contains the steps used to bypass the validation to download updates for XP computers when the product key is invalid.

Posted June 16, 2005 by

Update and Patch XP, Office, and All Microsoft Products at the Same Time

Windows Update has long upgraded your Windows installation automatically. Now, you can update it so that it will upgrade Office and other Microsoft products simultaneously.

Posted May 2, 2005 by

Hard Drive Windows XP Installation – No Floppy/CD Drive

This method of installing a hard drive costs about $20, but it is guaranteed to work every time.

Posted September 17, 2004 by

XP SP2: Lock Up or Will Not Boot After SP2 Install on Prescott

Service Pack 2 will cause some systems with the early version of the Prescott chip to lock up.

Posted September 8, 2004 by

XP: See the State of Activation

The following tech-recipe contains a quick method to see whether or not a system has been activated.

Posted September 7, 2004 by

Creating FAT32 Partition/Preparing Drive for OS Install Using Windows 98 SE Boot Disk

The following tutorial explains using the FDISK DOS application to set up a partition on a new hard drive or to delete an existing hard drive before clean-installing an operating system (OS). This is done using the Windows 98 SE boot disk.

Posted August 29, 2004 by

Tips for Solving Problems with Windows XP SP2 and AMD 64 Processors

If you are having problems with Windows XP SP2 and your AMD Athlon 64 Processor, try using these tips to correct the issues.

Posted August 24, 2004 by

Unattended Install in Windows XP

This Tech-Recipes tutorial describes creating a bootable CD-ROM that will install Windows XP unattended. Setup Manager on the Windows XP CD will be used to create an answer file

Posted August 24, 2004 by

Install Recovery Console from the Windows XP CD

Using the Recovery Console requires the Windows XP CD. After installation, the Recovery Console runs from a local drive and the CD is not needed.

Posted August 24, 2004 by

Windows 2000 and XP: Considerations for Multi-Booting

With multibooting, you can choose which operating system to run or specify a default OS if no selection is made during the restart process. The following Tech Recipes tutorial contains important considerations regarding this process.

Posted August 24, 2004 by

Slipstreaming Service Packs into your Windows XP Setup Files

This is another handy tech-recipe for XP install geeks. This tutorial explains how to ‘slipstream’ a service pack into your Windows XP Installation and then create a bootable Windows XP with an install CD. This is convenient since the slipstreaming will update your XP installation files to have the service pack applied before you install. […]