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Posted January 22, 2006 by

How To Reboot the Apache Server Safely

What do you do when your server freezes? The following tutorial explains the safest steps for rebooting your Apache web server.

Posted December 27, 2003 by

Rewrite to using htaccess in Apache

You may want all visitors to your site using www in front of your domain name ( instead of just your domain name ( By implementing a simple .htaccess RewriteRule, visitors to will see the URL change in their browser as they are redirected to the correct URL.

Posted October 8, 2003 by

Password protect a web directory with .htaccess

Apache references the .htaccess file in web document directories for access control information and other uses. A simple configuration allows password protection with multiple username/password combinations.

Posted September 24, 2003 by

Test the Apache Configuration File httpd.conf

After making changes to the Apache configuration file, testing the configuration before implementing it is a good practice.

Posted September 24, 2003 by

Stop Apache server processes

This command will safely stop apache server processes.

Posted September 24, 2003 by

Restart Apache without closing open connections

After making changes to Apache’s configuration file (httpd.conf), it is necessary to restart Apache for the changes to take effect. A normal restart will close active connections which may cause problems for users.