Solaris 10: Connect or Login to Zone Console

Once you have a non-global zone installed or running on a Solaris 10 installation, connecting to the console of the zone is often useful. This provides the same control over the zone as connecting to the console of a physical server running Solaris.

To connect to the console of a Solaris 10 zone called testzone, use the following command as root or the equivalent on the global zone:

zlogin -C testzone

The -C option specifies a console login. The console login will persist when the zone is rebooted.

To exit zlogin, use the escape sequence ~. on a new line. (The tilde must follow a carriage return, not any other character.) If this escape character is inappropriate (because you are connected using software like tip that also uses this escape sequence), you can specify a different escape character on the command line. For example, to use the @ symbol, use the following:

zlogin -C -e @ testzone

In this case, to exit the zlogin console session, type @. on a new line.


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  • Radar

    Just a note of reference, if you are using tip and forget to change the escape character above. you can do the following to get out


    This will force it to disconnect the local zlogin instead of the tip it’s self per the man pages for tip