Everybody Does It. It’s Perfectly Normal. [pic]

   Posted October 18, 2010 by David Kirk in Entertainment

Big ones, little ones, desktops, and mobiles — everybody does it. Don’t you?

Some require it after a crash, others after an update. Some require it a little, some require it a lot. But we all have to do it. It’s a natural part of life.


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  • Bill


  • http://www.tech-recipes.com/ Rob Rogers

    That night, Tommy uses the home defibrillator to reboot his father. 🙂

  • http://blogs.tech-recipes.com/jimmyselix jimmyselix

    haha! LOLZ

    usually the first question i ask people.

  • http://www.tech-recipes.com David Kirk – Founder/Editor

    Thanks for the kind words, guys. It’s a parody of this book in case you didn’t know…


  • http://www.100webhosting.com Jasmine

    Oh yes, I have just rebooted my computer 2 times today! I need a new computer!