Add a Static Route to a Cisco Router

Posted September 18, 2003 by Quinn McHenry in Cisco router

A static route adds an entry to the routing table for a specific destination IP address or subnet.

To route traffic to the subnet through the IP address

conf t
ip route

The netmask means the same as the subnet/24 notation.


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  • Wadegerencser

    Yea, it’s called Administrative Distance. The route may not be “better” but more believable to the router itself. You can manually input that or it will be learned dynamically.

  • MnChris612

    stfu. The best way to learn is to do it yourself. If you break it, you will learn that much better because you will never forget what you did to fix it, and that knowledge will carry on into future projects.

  • Udayjoshi22

    router A and router B are in same network connect with switch. router B serial interface connected with different network router C. how to configure static route on router A.