Safari 5: Enable Extensions Menu

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Safari 5 has just been released and official Safari extensions are right around the corner. This tutorial will show you how to enable the extensions preference menu. Once this is enabled you will be able to disable, enable, and update extensions as they are released.

A few minutes before I crafted this tutorial, Apple released Safari 5. This new version of Safari now can run extensions which are small programs that perform tasks only within the browser. As of right now, there are no official extensions available; however, there will be soon.

The user will manage extension from the extensions menu. However, you are now probably noticing that you can’t find your extensions menu. Here’s how to enable it.

1. From within the Preferences of Safari 5, select the Advanced tab.
2. Select Show Develop menu in menu bar

safari extensions show develop menu

3. Close Preferences
4. Select the Develop menu
5. Select Enable Extensions

safari extensions enable extensions selection

6. Reopen Preferences and the Extensions tab will now be present.

safari extensions menu

Now you’ll be ready to manage all your Safari extensions. Further directions on installing and uninstalling Safari extensions is available.


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  • buua

    Congrats. This tutorial was on lifehacker.

  • Comrade.Cid theKillerRabbit

    this is so utterly retarded :

  • Stefano85

    NB this is outdated now, the steps shown are no longer there

    • Stefano85

      oh, I forgot. Now the relevant menu is just on the left of the “advanced” tab in “preferences”. 🙂

  • fhcgps

    i clicked on “develop” and don’t have an “enable extensions” option in my drop downs…what now?

  • I am not showing the enable extensions either