Kindle 2: Listening to Ebooks with Text-to-Speech

Posted February 25, 2009 by Rob Rogers in Entertainment

Sometimes it is inconvenient to be actually reading your ebook (when your driving is a good example!). Using Kindle’s Text-to-Speech functionality, you can listen to your ebook while you are busy doing something else, and then switch it off so you can continue reading from where it left off.

1. Press the Text key (to the right of the Space Bar).

2. Go to Text-to-Speech and select turn on.

Text-to-Speech will begin.

If you wish to modify the way it sounds:

1. Press the Text key.

2. Go to Speech Rate and select either slower or faster. You also have two choices for Speaking Voice, female and male.

To stop Text-to-Speech:

1. Press the Text key.

2. Select turn off (or pause if you want to stop it temporarily).


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  • Roy Basan

    Could you please give me more information where I can get this Kindle2? is it part of Winxp or vista OS.

  • self help ebooks


    I’m interested on how and what kind of OS is this program compatible with, and where can I get this one.. thanks for the reply..

  • Yesangel1

    Ok, where can I get a demonstration on this, I want to buy one for a friend who needs an ereader and that highlights as it reads, he has trouble focusing and a highlighting audible pace control reader is his dream.
    Help me find this.