Ubuntu – Use the Terminal to Display a Calendar

I am always needing to have quick access to a calendar to set deadlines and plan out various tasks. Using Ubuntu’s Terminal, you can quickly pull up a calendar of any month or year (past, present, or future).

1. Open a Terminal window.

2. To view a single month, execute the following Terminal command (make sure to input both the desired month and year}:

cal december 2008

To view an entire year, execute the following Terminal command (make sure to input the desired year):

cal 2009

To view last month, this month and next month, execute the following Terminal command:

cal -3


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The Conversation

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  • Mike

    Not Ubuntu specific at all, but a great reminder. I forgot that I had this at my fingertips in various Linuxes, Cygwin, and probably all Unices …

  • Gary

    Thank you for pointing that out. Thats a cool feature.

  • Bill

    Works with Cygwin running in Windows 7

    • Axel

      😀 I’ll keep that in mind

  • shawn

    how can you get it show the next two months. say if current month is august, how to show just september and october

  • Lunx

    cal month year


    cal 03 2011

  • Nakaloko

    how can i view 2 month at the same time.. example june and july..