Google Chrome: Clear History and Delete Your Browsing Data

   Posted September 3, 2008 by David Kirk in Google

clear browsing data chrome

If the computer you are using is accessed by people other than you, you probably do not want to disclose your browsing habits. By emptying your cache, deleting cookies, and clearing history, you can cover your tracks. Chrome makes this easy.

1. Open Google Chrome.

2. Click the triple lines settings icon in the upper-right corner of the toolbar.

3. From the Tools option select Clear browsing data.

from the settings menu, select tools and clear browsing data...

4. The clear browsing data tab will open via chrome://settings/clearBrowserData. Use the checkboxes to select the data you wish to clear out. Your options will depend on your current version of Chrome. Typical choices include the following: Clear browsing history, Clear download history, Empty the cache, Delete cookies and Clear saved passwords.

By using the Clear data from this period dropdown, you can select the period for which you want the data cleared. Time-based choices here include Last day, Last week, Last 4 weeks, or Everything.

5. Click the Clear Browsing Data button.


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  • ONIL


    • nobody

      just delete the history if icon doesnt work

    • Anonymous

      u can go to the options menu in settings…there is a personal stuff dialog box available there…in tat u can clear data thru browsing data options………

    • Jagex

      just go on spanner icon, options, ‘under the bonnet’ tab, and clear browsing data button should be there,

      • Avril Nicole Xue

        i know

      • Hanzillah siddique

        you are bloody fool

        • Parinces Hafsa12

          how r u

        • CKD

          > It don’t clear all the history

    • Jjjjjjjjjjfdsjfhi

      it works dont wry i tried it

    • ashwin

      go to tools n then try

    • JSB

      then when you go to tools and go to clear browsong data but you will see:”clear data from this period”and next to it it will say”today” or something like that just change that to “everything”
      ps:are you from Onil??in spain??…if you are…then i am from castalla XD lol….if not….then you dont know what i am talking about

      • Sandrafriar

         this does not work either

  • *

    I wish that you could setup Chrome to do this automatically.

  • agrepina

    can i please quit Google chrome

  • meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    G8!!!!!!!! Thx

  • chenna

    Workaround : Go to tool ( wrench) , import bookmarks @settings.
    choose firefox from there( you need to have the firefox installed already with setting of automatically remove the history and other stuff option enabled ) and apply .

    now chrome will use Firefox settings

    Hope this helps.

    • Heamsters

      how i can delete just one page history? I dont whant delete all

      • iLoveCrows

        go to HISTORY, then SELECT THE ITEMS/PAGES you want to delete from your history, and click REMOVE SELECTED ITEMS

  • chenna

    correction to earlier comment.
    The workaround is not working.

    • Anonymous

      how do you put toolbars in google chrome? because when i tryed non of them worked.

      • Weeeee

        Do you mean like, bookmarked websites???

        If you do, go to the wrench thingy, click on tools, and then click the ‘always show bookmarks bar’. 🙂

  • suspicious

    I only want to delete specific sites. not all day. This is important, and I don’t eant chromeif I can’t do this

    • Anonymous

      the porn sites :))

      • lulz


        • porn junkie

          yea…… them…

    • Kurt

      This is a strong suggestion. I sometimes want to delete errors from searches like you searched with the wrong spelling for something in the omnibox, and would like to delete that specific search from Google Chrome. A list with all the searches you searched from the omnibox would be nice and with the option to delete some specific search.

    • bud evan

      click edit history on right it gives options and tics the one to delete…. i asked my so to do this for me when he was 2

  • Ano


  • john

    its quite annoying, but keep typed pages in the address bar, as you type first letters it shown that certain page, even after you clear so called history! whats now!

    • Anonymous

      you have to clear the browsing data as well.

    • darango

      > ok so……..i just found out the solution…had the same problem as you. Go to the 3 horizontal line tab located in the top right hand corner of chrome’s browsing window ( the tab to check your history and all that good stuff ). Once the options pop out in another window, there should be an option called Bookmarks. Click that and right click/delete. Your Welcome, and may you never get caught with porn again.

  • Mobwai

    Maybe that’s easy, but it’s not obvious enough for the average user who rarely bothers to manually clear their private data. The fact that you had to post an explanation of how to do this is proof that it’s not clear enough. A browser with really good security/privacy settings would be able to clear things automatically when the browser closes, and upon first install, that feature would be set to clear everything – the user would have to decide what they want to keep, not what they want to get rid of. So far there’s no browser quite that solid, but Firefox has add-ons that put it ahead of the competition. On the other hand, chrome is a Google product, and clearing your cookies means less revenue for Google’s ad network, so I don’t expect that Chrome will ever have truly adequate privacy settings.

    • ChromeConvert

      They have Incognito mode, it doesn’t save websites to your history, when you close the window all of those cookies get deleted, and when you download something, it doesn’t save a record of it, so, after you close it, its like it never existed.

    • bud evan

      my daughter does it…shes 5 years….click edit history on the right


    How to delete only my browsing history on google chrome each day as I have to share the computer.. This was easy on old google as you just clicked on the items and then pressed delete.

    • Deana

      Right on the bottom under all the windows it says history…….scroll all the way down.

  • Deepak

    thanks for helping me

  • curious george

    im looking to permanently dis-remember my browsing history, except for cookies, so i dont always have to clear it, any tips on how i can accompish this?

    • Bud evan

      click edit history

  • simran

    i am very thankful to the owner of this page for helping me

  • Anonymous

    this feature of chrome does not work, next time you open the same crap still there
    they did something in this last release and screwed it up..
    they are starting to look like Microsoft, i am very sad i thought they would be diffrent
    now google is the same garbage like Microsoft, bad software, bugs, all about money

  • Anonymous

    im trying to delet google CHROME FROM MY COMPUTER

    • Phaiz3

      i can help you if u have a windows pc
      just tell me the version ( ME, Vista, XP, stc)

  • Aditi

    Thanx a ton!! Ur advice helped.. was given in a very lucid style and illustrated nicely..

    Had wanted to clear the history for ages..

    Thanx again!!!

  • Anonymous

    i follow ur instructions still i am unable to clear history in google plz give any other alternative.plzzz

  • Ramji

    it is good and better than other

  • Billy

    Clearing browsing data in Google Chrome does NOT work!

    I just made a comment to a blog and no matter what I do, I cannot see my comment. I have cleared the browsing cache, even restarted the browser and still it wont show a fresh page. Even a hard refresh does not work!

    I open the same page in Firefox and there is my comment for all the World to see.

    Chrome sucks big time!!!!

    • Name

      Was the comment pending approval by the blog owner, maybe?

      • Anonymous

        that, or it’s some other website delay. perhaps the server doesn’t refresh every 5 milliseconds like you want it to…

        • Anonymous

          Maybe a glitch, probably never will happen again

    • Anonymous

      Why do you need to read what you wrote anyway, like to hear yourself talk?

    • Bud evan

      on the right side click “edit items” the little tick marks on left side are there for a reason

  • Anonymous

    thanks so much!

  • Anonymous

    Hey there! I can´t do that. It doesn´t go away. The Search data is from my Internet explorer i think…. Can you help me? ([email protected])

    • Anonymous

      ccleaner will help remove all temporary files from all major internet clients. Then, if you only use one client from then on, you won’t have to use anything else but that clients cleaning option ever again.

      **ccleaner is free.

  • Anonymous

    Thank You Very much….

    This has been very helpful and thorough…

    I really appreciate the accuracy with the directions….

    Now I will be prepared for any more future “problems”….

    Thank you Once Again…

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, very useful

  • Anonymous

    Install the Click&Clean extension (clear browsing history when Chrome exits + support external app)
    works only on Windows

  • Anonymous


  • Zahid Zuhair

    It’s working but the people want to delete the browsing history automatically when they close the CHROME browser.

    If there is solution please give the answer.

  • Anonymous


    thaks 4 this.

    it is good way to clear history. but i want to clear history forever. so, how to do this.

    please advice………………………

    Thanks & regars
    Nasib Singh

  • Anonymous

    Clic&Clean has been updated to v
    More new features:
    – remove Flash LSOs
    – delete local web sql databases (HTML5 web-databases)
    – prevent deletion of extensions preferences when deleting cookies (fixed chromium issue 30226)

  • chloe

    If you can’t see ‘Clear Browsing History’ in tools (I couldn’t!) go to

    Tools button > Options > Personal Stuff > Clear browsing data.

    Hope this helps!

    • Anonymous

      Google Chrome is a joke browser…

      Insanely slow, and now apparently Google has decided to make clearing browser data even more difficult by burying the button in nested options…

      IE is better than this lop of dog snot… But you should be using Firefox, period.

      • anonymous

        If you do not want your browsing history to be on you could use NEW INCOGNITO WINDOW option(ctrl+shift+N) – to browse where in the history will never get saved.

      • bud evan

        ie is not for a gamer, to many recourses, that is why chrome has everything in 3 tabs. unless i have to have a map(cause im stupid), i can find everything i need in 3 clicks Privacy
        Content settings… Clear browsing data…
        Google Chrome may use web services to improve your browsing experience.
        Use a web service to help resolve navigation errors
        Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar
        Use DNS pre-fetching to improve page load performance
        Enable phishing and malware protection
        Automatically send usage statistics and crash reports to Google
        Web Content
        Font size: Customize fonts…Page zoom:
        Languages and spell-checker settings… Change Gears settings
        Network… can do everything from 3 tabs. and guess whats missing???? a scrollbar will not be seen in the options menu, it so easy a caveman can do it. whoever is using ie is just sending emails, its all it has been decent for…i got plenty of computer but i changed caused of the freezing up and sounding like a machine gun when a page was loading, got tired of nothing happening….if your still using ie…… your on the bottom rung of the internet ladder. after my first trip to any page, when i go back i type 2 letters and google chrome has the link up. after 2 letters, the it takes you there quick….no more load time….the ie “revolving barrel of death” hahhahahahah

  • Anonymous

    … and extensions preferences resets to default
    Chromium issue
    …or do not delete cookies? 🙁
    the Click&Clean item “Prevent deletion of extensions preferences” – really helps.

    Yes, Firefox on this time is better(although not support CSS3 transitions and very very slow on start), but I think it’s matter of time… I personally prefer Chrome.
    Sorry, but IE = (_|_)


    There’s nothing good:
    1. You can’t enable extensions in Incognito mode.
    2. Chrome help – warning, quote:
    Browsing in incognito mode only keeps Google Chrome from storing
    information about the websites you’ve visited. The websites you
    visit may still have records of your visit.
    Any files saved to your computer will still remain on your computer.

  • Anonymous

    in my google chrome ,

    i can not find the option for clearing browsing data……
    all options are available in the wrench type drop down list except ‘clear browsing data’

    • Anonymous

      click on wrench, click options, then personal stuff tab, then click button ‘ clear browsing data’

    • Jagex

      just go on spanner icon, options, ‘under the bonnet’ tab, and clear browsing data button should be there,

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have that “clear browsing history” button.. when i click the wrench i have “history, bookmark manager, downloads, extensions, synchronize my bookmarks” why dont i have it?

  • Anonymous

    the google chrome i use doesnt show the option of “clear browsing data” in the tools section .. i have to delete it day by day … it there anything i can do to solve this because my browser is running very slow.

    • Anonymous

      Click on the wrench. Go to options.Go the the personal stuff tab.There is a section called browsing data and then there is a clear browsing data button. It’s pretty self explanatory after that.

    • SuP!

      me 2

  • Anonymous

    When I click on the wrench icon there isn’t a clear browsing history data…..
    Then what????

  • Name

    clear browsing data isnt even an option on mine. what a POS

  • Anonymous

    hey i do not have the clear history button can someone help please

  • Anonymous

    on the google chrome im using it doesn’t have a “clear browsing data ” botton , what next?

  • guess who

    is it just me, or is this guy a comlete twat

  • nasir

    i wants to clear all history from google chrome everyday

  • Anonymous

    just go to the screw driver :options: then drowsing data and then hit clear

    • Anonymous

      Are there progs (like windowwasher) who supports googlechrome ?

    • Anonymous

      In my chrome the ‘clear browser data’ button isn’t under personal stuff its in the ‘Under the Bonnet’ tab.

      So the correct pathway is-

      click on the spanner

      click ‘Options’

      click on the ‘Under the Bonnet’ tab

      at top of the window is ‘Clear browsing data…’ click

      select which items and time frame of history you want deleted.


  • Anonymous

    In my chrome the ‘clear browser data’ button isn’t under personal stuff its in the ‘Under the Bonnet’ tab.

    So the correct pathway is-

    click on the spanner

    click ‘Options’

    click on the ‘Under the Bonnet’ tab

    at top of the window is ‘Clear browsing data…’ click

    select which items and time frame of history you want deleted.


  • Anonymous

    just be sure to choose which application to be cleaned and check them and uncheck those applications that you use to avoid inclusion for deletion

  • Anonymous

    what if i cant find the ” clear browsing data ”

    • Anonymous

      Its not on the main part any more you will have to click on the wrench icon , then options , then under the hood were you will see it in the box

  • nasir

    i m dr nasir majeed awan consultant psychiatric wants to delated my history daily

  • hai

    where is clear browsing data

  • Anonymous

    …i do not have a clear browsing history option? help

    • Radhika

      Click the wrench icon in the upper-right corner of the toolbar and select ” Options” and “Under the Hood” Tab under “privacy” you will find the “Clear browsing data”

  • I am experiencing the same problem as other people. This does nothing.

    I updated some image rollovers and THEY REFUSE TO UPDATE IN CHROME. I even go to the URL of the rollover image and refresh and THE NEW IMAGE SHOWS UP! But back on the website THE OLD IMAGE SHOWS UP! This is obviously a psychotic cache issue!

    I’m guessing a large portion of Chrome’s “Speed” is that it caches every last thing so that revisited sites appear to load like lightning no matter what because it doesn’t even check for new versions. This is very lame. I’ll stick with Firefox.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have the option of clearing data..then what to do? Please advice.

  • Anonymous

    what if it doesnt even show that

  • Anonymous

    its very easy, just press ctrl+shift+del. then you will find it

  • Anonymous

    can any one know the history even after deleting the history?

  • Anonymous

    My menu doesn’t have the “clear browsing data” option

    • Anonymous

      me neither but by doing ctrl, shift and delete it does the same thing

  • Anonymous

    I have the tools menu logo thingy but clear browsing data is not in it! What should i do?

  • Phaiz3

    you can also do this by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Delete

  • Anonymous

    i click on the wrench and the option clear browsing data isnt there – now what?

  • Anonymous

    how can i get internet explorer back and get rid of google chrome?

  • Anonymous

    when i open the spanner, i havent got the ‘clear browsing history’ option there. what should i do?

  • help!

    i dont have the “clearing browsing data” button… 🙁 so confusing!! errrrrr

  • hep

    i dont have Clear browsing data

  • Hulda

    Is there any way to delete certain visits out of browsing history ? Instead of deleting the whole day ?

    • Anonymous

      You can do that under the “history” menu.

      You can also visit the url to see/edit your history…


  • sreedhar

    its not showing “delete history for this day” in google chrome now.. how to get that..

  • Anonymous

    In OS X do the following:1. Click Chrome in the menu2. Select “Clear Browsing Data”3. Select what data you want cleared.4. Press the “Clear Browsing Data” buttonUnder the “History” menu you can click “Show Full History” and decide what you want to remove there as well.

  • Raymond

    how to clear history on google chrome

  • Raymond

    Some idiot has decided not to include( delete history for this day). Why? This is the
    most useful one.Please Re-instal.

  • Sbohi13

    clear download data (option) is not seen in my computer

    • Anonymous

      Odd, I still see it on mine.

  • Abdul555_wadood

    clear browsing datad menu is not present in my google chrome.please tell me how i can delete

  • This it Wrong!!!!!!!!!!! What you do is click on the wrench and then click history after that when the clear all brosong data box comes up you press the down arrow and then click everything the click ok

  • Peter Jackson

    There’s Different angle too:
    In my case when I clicked the Wrench Icon.. Clear browsing History Option DIDN’T APPEAR!!!
    So in this case you have to click OPTIONS and then click on UNDER THE BONNET option on top. Now you have to select CLEAR BROWSING HISTORY

  • aaaaaaaaaaaa

    my friend says she can track the files I have deleted on chrome…… dat possible?

  • Tamikamitchell99


  • Tamikamitchell99

    GO 2 options, then under the hood tab and under title is privacy and it should say clear browsing or somefin click on that choose hwo far bac u want ur history to b cleared the press the clear browsing data button simple peeps

  • Raghu_5779

    i deleted the following things but when i search any other search engine that point of time my previous borrowing datas are appeared

  • Kalyn_warren

    how do i set it to clear automatically after i close my browser.

    • Anonymous

      Automatically to clear browsing history you can only with Click&Clean extension for Chrome (works on Window XP, Vista, 7)

  • Hjkl

    thank u ,u really help me dude.

    • Mtsang78

      I found a simple solution that might help some of you – I found a way to delete the Omnibar’s auto-complete BUT it won’t help you pick and choose the history you do/don’t want to keep. I struggled with this problem for hours with all the forums saying the same thing – “clear your browsing data”. Well, it’s funny because the solution that worked for me was, in fact, within the same realm – but with a little tweak.

      Anyways, it’s as simple as changing your “clear data period” to “Everything” rather than “last day” or hour etc. As most of you know, it’s as simple as clicking ctrl+shift+del which opens up the “Clear Browsing Data” section and then choosing “Everything” for the “Clear data from this period” section.

      If this doesn’t work for you, I’m sorry. But it definitely worked for me.

      Hope this helps.

  • Franck

    Thanks I like google chrome but to erase all the browsing histoy I wouldn’t have found my way, It is not very user friendly on that part. Thanx again!

  • orion7x

    My Chrome used to have the Clear Browsing Data, Now it does not. What the hell? Major show stopping problem. Chrome will not refresh cache….

  • Sohaill555

    awesome method..thanx!!

  • No one is this stupid

    ctrl shift delete

    all you need to know 🙂


    guys if im using google chrome AND I CLOSE IT HOW CAN I OPEN IT AGIAN?

  • Whiston

    I did all that and it made no difference

  • Mark

    Simply install Bing and use their clrar button

  • hoshang

    thanx a lot @ monishkothari .

  • Vinaypatel Elex

    thank you so much..

  • ram

    thank u

  • Kabirjaiswal12

    thanks it was correct

  • Saddique74

    clear browsing the data will not be delatd.
    Please replay me.

    • Baby Maha

      guyes i wana delet history but i cant understand. help me

  • Baby Maha

    guyes i wana delet history but i cant understand. help me

  • Cody Trustrum-Sparrow

    go into wrench and click history or ctrl+h in the top left quarter it will have clear all history or something like that

    • Ice491

      dont have leh

      • Ice491


  • Kamran Qamar

    not happening

    • Penelope :)

      1) go to the spaner icon
      2) click ‘history’
      3) press ‘clear all browsing data…’
      4) chose what you want to delete. If you would like to delete everything, tick all 6 boxes and then in the drop down menu select ‘everything’

      viola, all your history is deleted 🙂

  • Suomyn

    I tried this, but my history still shows up. I’ve also tried deleting the history through Ctrl + H but it’s too much too delete by checking off the boxes. I wish Google Chrome had an option to select every box at once, but it doesn’t have that option. That’s ridiculous.

    • Penelope :)

      1) go to the spaner icon
      2) click ‘history’
      3) press ‘clear all browsing data…’
      4) chose what you want to delete. If you would like to delete everything, tick all 6 boxes and then in the drop down menu select ‘everything’

      viola, all your history is deleted 🙂

  • Beni_boi

    i dont even have a spanner icon -.-

  • Heavenly1996

    what about the list that appears in google search bar down the page of google search?
    when I type somthing in google search bar above the search result page nothıng appears, but when I want to do the same wıth the bar down the page all of my searchs tıll now appear! even those been cleaned!


    if u r unable to find it.
    then go to tools- clear browsing data.
    click that ur browsing history will deleted…

  • Boythugs_1418


  • Balaji Pillai


    after deleted the history is there any possible to recover it.

  • Sedf

    dudes if you can’t see the icon, press ctrl +shift + del and the window should pop up!

  • Molaallahi

    yoyyyyy how do i find chrome data history

  • Mxz101

    Is it still possible to see websites you’ve visited anywhere else on your computer after deleting browsing history?

    • Shyam

      i have similar interest to know. any solution so far?

  • D Chittenden

    Derek Can any one try to help me to clear my history on Google History can anyone help me please as l am new to Google

    • vijay

      simple. go to spanner. option. left side click under the hood. then in the new page content setting, click all cookies and data, list will appear. click remove all.
      you will see a fresh page – all data will be gone….

  • Anaghavk192

    thank you

  • vijay

    if I clear all cookies by an error if there a way to retrieve all those data. for instance all websites and blogs. pleased can anyone help me? i have lost all my long term data I think.

  • Vowani

    Add a new bookmark to your Chrome bookmarks bar with the URL below in it.
    Then each time you need to clear your browsing data, click the bookmark.


  • Mageswaran35


  • mamuni

    thank you for the easy way to larn us

  • vinu

    thanks its working

  • Nazila

    How can I recover my deleted history in google chrome?

  • meena

    hi friends make me clear about if i clear google chrome history then will it clear bookmarks also?…………….help

  • Valentin ACOSTA

    i am no sur ehow work with this

  • Maria

    Put the check boxes back in and everyone including me will be happy again.

  • anonymous

    Hey for all you experts. If a horizontal line pops up in between previous sites you been on? in the history does that mean a section of stuff have been deleted?

  • Naveed

    click on wrench icon –>settings –> Personal stuff –> In autofill option UNCLICK Enable Autofill to fill out web forms in a single click.

  • Sergio

    Will this get rid of my favourites? Like youtube chanels and sites and stuff?

    • David Kirk

      No, your favorites and bookmarks and such will stay the same.

  • Kaitlyn

    It really works my sister got on a porn website and it worked thanks



    • K L KUMAR

      please give me soulation sir

  • Kundan Bhardwaj

    I used to be a google chrome user but then it started messing up things for me. It just downloads files from every website saying index.msi or index.exe. Can you help me with that please?

  • agneta

    hi thanks soo muchh

  • tushar

    thanks a lot to you. it really works

  • sierra

    please read this will help u alote if the other person makes it hard to understand. for all the people who says it doesn’t work all u have 2 do is go to those 3 lines at the right top corner of computer/laptop or whatever your using and click on it. Then you go all the way down to history.Next u will press on clear all browsing data and u will find it says : obliterate the following items from: and i usually chose beginning of time but its up 2 u and well u can do the rest!!! thanks for reading!!!

  • sierra

    please read this will help u a lot if the other person makes it hard to understand. for all the people who says it doesn’t work all u have 2 do is go to those 3 lines at the right top corner of computer/laptop or whatever your using and click on it. Then you go all the way down to history.Next u will press on clear all browsing data and u will find it says : obliterate the following items from: and i usually chose beginning of time but its up 2 u and well u can do the rest!!! thanks for reading so much :).

  • SAMS

    I know how to clear my browsing data, but for some reason, all my data from before Sept of last year WILL NOT CLEAR when I use that option. I have to left click the Actions menu at the end of each line of data and select ‘Remove from History’. So far, this is the only work-around I’ve found. It’s tedious if you don’t automatically clear on shutdown, or clear data everyday. Hope this helps.

    • SAMS

      No sooner do I write that, I found this:

      For Mac

      1. Go to the Go menu > Go to Folder.
      2. Enter the following directories in the text field, then press Go.
      ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default
      3. In the folder called “Default” delete all files that start with “Archived History” and “History” (should be six in total).

      For Windows and Linux use the instructions to create a new browser profile to find the history files: . Instead of creating a new profile, deleting the history files allows you to keep your bookmarks and extensions in tact without backing them up.

      Basically, in the Default folder, you’ll find History files and perhaps some Indexed History files. I think that was my problem. I deleted the files and problem solved.

  • Jeyiaa

    Does the deleted come up on my phone bill?

  • Larry

    my google chrome is coming out 3 home pages at once .pls what do I do to stop it ,and make use of only google chrome as my home page.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated


  • Satya

    I deleted the histroy as per above instructions, but in the settings i found “Import book marks & settings” , in which appearing even deleted history. I would like to know how to delete hiatory permanetly. Please help him in this regard

  • Tim

    But there’s no wrench in the google chrome I’m using.

    • David Kirk

      I just updated the article with new pictures. Thanks for letting us know!

  • claudia

    I was working a program on CodeSkulptor and the google page stop working. Is there a way I can recover these pages?

  • Arne Soderback

    cant open
    chrome://settings/clear Browser Data