Google Chrome: Change the Default Download Location

Posted June 25, 2010 by Rob Rogers in Google

If you want to change where Chrome deposits downloaded files on your computer, you can change the default location or even have Chrome ask you where to save each file before it is downloaded.

1. Open Google Chrome.

2. Click the wrench icon in the upper-right corner of the toolbar and select Options.

3. Go to the Under the Hood tab. In the Download location section, click the Browse button and locate the desired download directory. If you want to have more control over where each file is downloaded to, check the Ask where to save each file before downloading checkbox.

4. Click the Close button.


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  • kyrie44

    Is there anyway to save specific types of files to specific places?
    save pictures to pictures folder
    save videos to videos folder


  • Anonymous

    You can choose a different default download location or select a specific location for each download. Follow these steps:

    Click the wrench menu .
    Select Options.
    Click the Under the Hood tab.
    To change the default download location, click Browse in the Downloads section and select where you’d like your files to be saved.
    If you’d rather choose a specific location for each download, select the ‘Ask where to save each file before downloading’ checkbox.
    Click Close .

  • Anonymous

    I am running Chrome 3.0 and this option has been moved to the ‘Advanced’ tab (under ‘Options’. There you have to scroll down a bit.

  • Anonymous

    I have the lastest chrome version and didnt see “minor tweeks” tab … and i searched everywhere in the option panel and have nothing related to download folder.

    • massalha’s little helper

      Go to “Under The Hood” and it’s under the Downloads section.

      • Bob

        There is no Downloads section under Options in my version of Chrome (5.0.375.55)
        Any other ideas where I can change default download location? Thanks.

        • GAME V

          goto options >under the bonnet>click the scroll bar >change the location,,simple as that

        • Shereeda

          u have to use the scroll bar in the Under the Hood section.. i totally missed the bar toooo

          • esclave

            lol I totally missed it too D:

        • 64541q4064

          see a scroll bar a the right side? scroll down and you can file it.

  • Anonymous

    Chrome keep crashing in my website and it seems as if it want to download something and then crash…. its a joke in my jokes website!
    I dont use anything upnormal and dont have viruses…

  • jeffrey

    Hi in my google crome step 3 dose not say MINOR TWEAKS. It is as follows
    (BASICS THEN PERSONAL STUFF AND UNDER THE HOOD) You go to UNDER THE HOOD and click on It and scroll down and you will find DOWNLOAD LOCATION.Hope this helps. Jeff

    • Lover_mustang45

      thxxx it workd 🙂

    • kk

      Thank you! Feel dumb that I didn’t see scroll bar, but looked for it for 2 weeks….

      • rinehapa

        Wow. Totally missed it myself. Must be the color theme or the fact that the other tabs don’t have scroll bars that makes us overlook the scroll bar. Thank you for your comment or I wouldn’t have found the scroll bar in the “Under the Hood” tab myself.

        • Gcmnepal

          Thanks. I went through the same problem. Indeed I also missed the scroll down and was very frustrated until I read your comment. Thanks

          • Dylan

            It doesn’t appear till you click on the tab contents, that is not be best design practice for something like this. It took me forever to figure it out too,

      • Shereeda

        LMAO!!! i missed it completely toooo

        *slaps forehead*

  • Anonymous


    • Valentina

      I really didn’t see you can scrol down in UNDER THE HOOD, thanks for mentioning, i must be tired .

      • Anonymous

        whew! thank valentina… I was about to remove Google Chrome from my computer…

        • Valentina

          thank jeffrey, he said it first, i just repeated :D:D:D i’m having trouble with the shockwave player crashing all the time, or asking for my permision to crash .

          • Anonymous

            It’s probably a browser corruption issue. Which antivirus do you use?

  • galdarn

    There is no Minor Tweaks tab.
    Win7 business 64 bit.
    Downloads is not listed on the “Under the Hood ” tab either.

  • Cris

    My chrome (new one; just installed 2 minutes ago; it’s June 8, 2010, 3:30 PM) does not have MINOR TWEAKS tab. Instead, it has the “Personal Stuff” tab. And no where in any of the OPTIONS tabs is there a selection for changing the DOWNLOAD LOCATION. I need help. How do I specify download location with Chrome and why is my version of chrome different than this?

    • Maninthebox

      Go to “Under the Hood” you would find the download location box there 🙂

      • Michaelxng

        New chrome 5 doesn’t have the download destination option, instead it is in Usernamedownload. Can’t customize. Google staffs, you should let us organize our own folder instead of forcing us accept your choice!!!!

    • Johnboyde33

      theres a scroll bar off to the right just go to under the hood and scroll down

  • Tamilisa

    I do not have the “Minor Tweaks” tab. Then what?

    • Poopface

      why do you guys keep asking the same question when it’s been answered multiple times in the same thread? Jesus

  • Axn_5

    v. good tutorial only one go and issue resolved

  • Heya, that option doesnt exist on my chrome – latest version on linux

    • I take that back, turns out it can scroll and i hadnt noticed 😀

  • parodypertiki

    omg, i looked the advanced option button for ages. and didnt see the scroll bar. i must be blind.

  • Help me a lot! 😀

  • Asdqwe

    this doesn’t work any more settings have been changed…

  • Frank

    This is missing in version 6.

    • Frank

      My error, didn’t see it was in a scrollbox. I M N IDIOT.

  • Kidjef

    missed the scroll bar too! thanks!!!

  • elfsun

    I’ve tried Google Chrome four times and am ready to remove it again. It crashes and simply isn’t stable enough for me. I’ll stick with Avant and IE8.

  • Jaberber

    thanks great help

  • outdated?

  • Craig Kendall

    This is poor UI on Chrome’s part. I had looked at the Options > Under the Hood page, but didn’t notice it was a page that scrolled… thanks for the tip, I scrolled, I conquered!

  • Jawwadmehdi

    chrome://settings/browser If u don’t have the option,so u can direct click on this link

  • TOTA

    عايزة اعمل البرنامج دة



  • Peter L

    In Mozilla Firefox browser I can “view” a document in Google Drive (and then save to Drive in the cloud); or “download” and save to computer folder.
    How do I do this in Google Chrome please; it is not available as an option in settings.

  • M

    Is it possible to change the download settings in mobile chrome?