Foxit Reader: Change the Default Page Layout

Posted June 17, 2008 by Rob Rogers in Windows

If you find yourself constantly changing the Page Layout everytime you open a PDF file, you should consider changing your default page layout. For instance, you may prefer viewing the PDF using the Facing layout (especially if you use a wide-screen monitor).

1. Open Foxit Reader.

2. Go to the menu, click Edit and select Preferences.

3. In the left pane, select Page Display.

4. On the right, in the Page Display section, use the Default Page Layout dropdown to select the new default layout. Choices are Automatic, Single Page, Continuous, Facing, and Continuous – Facing.

5. Click the OK button.


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  • basit

    It doesn’t work! The default is set to continuous yet when I reopen the document the Current Setting is single. It doesn’t work mate.

  • fro

    If you set continuous it doesn’t work (probably a bug) but if you want to have continuous – select continuous-facing and then change in custom facing from 2 to 1 page. It works!!

  • Liffey

    Wow, at long last, a solution. Much appreciated. No more continuous scrolling. Thank you! Thank you!

    Foxit forums keep pretending that the glitch doesn’t exist.

    (Maybe this will help someone else.
    In Tools, Preferences, Page Display; try setting Default Page Layout to Facing.
    Then set Custom Facing to 2)

    In View, Page Display, tick Show Cover Page.
    That worked for me – but it won’t save.
    Also, in Tools, Customise, Toolbars. Keyboard tab, you can set a keyboard shortcut (I used Alt+C) to Show Cover page.)


    • Positron

      > Thanks, the keyboard shortcut tweak was really useful.

  • Ron

    Worked for me. The page I wanted kept changing to a smaller size when used the bookmarks panel. Solution was simple:
    Right at the bottom of the ‘Page Display’ panel in preferences (which you have pictured above) there is a little checkbox which says:
    Forbid the change of zoom….
    Check that.