Google Calendar: Import Event Information from Yahoo! Calendar

Posted November 9, 2007 by Rob Rogers in Google

Changing calendar applications can seem like a rather overwhelming task due to the need to copy all of your events, appointments, birthdays and such from one calendar to another. Instead of relying on copy and paste or typing in each event, you can easily import your event info from Yahoo! Calendar into your Google Calendar, here’s how:

1. Go to Yahoo! Calendar and login to your calendar.

2. Go to the upper right corner and select Options.

3. Under the Management column, click Import/Export.

4. Go to the Export to Outlook section at the bottom of the page. Click the Export button.

5. Save the csv file to your computer.

6. Go to Google Calendar and login to your calendar.

7. Go to the My Calendars section on the left side of the page.

8. Click Add and select Import Calendar.

9. Click the Browse button and go to the location that you placed the .csv file. Select the saved file and click Open. Select the Calendar where the imported events will be saved from the dropdown. Click the Import button.

10. Once the import has completed, the page will show you how many events were processed and how many were successfully imported.

11. Click the OK button.


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  • Abi

    This is the message I get: from Google Calendar
    Sorry, Calendar is temporarily unavailable. Please try again in a few minutes. If the problem persists, visit the Help Center

  • Amar

    Brilliant, It was a breeze transfering all my events to Google, Thanks a ton, you made my day

  • sue tauber

    when I try to export my yahoo calendar to outlook ii asks me if excel cvs is the default cvs.

    Why is not asking me for my outlook 2007 cvs.

    I just installed office 2007 last month and need help configuring this.

    please help

  • Sarah

    Thank you, this was awesome!!

  • Anonymous

    Sweet! Thank you very much, works like a charm!!!!

  • PIZZApie


  • Jacques Rajchgod

    Hoa do I import an ATT.Yahoo Calendar into a Yahoo mail? Nowhere on the web can the answer be found.

  • Donna Trader

    This worked. No problems.

  • Allan Hiersch

    Too complicated. Just want to repeat monthly swim dates same every month..

    Big al

  • Tina Christopher

    it imported everything except for the “Where” I am looking to import something that rotates to different places each week, so the where is quite important!

  • Zgrapeescape

    Great instructions. Thanks!!

  • Mary

    I don’t see a Management column or Import/Export option?

  • tskumar

    thank you,

  • GabachoMike

    Yahoo has changed a couple of things :

    – ‘Options’ now appears in the upper left on the Yahoo calendar page

    – the created .csv file has now been changed to an .ics file

    …but otherwise, all went as planned.

    Thanks SO much – i had gone through a couple of different calendars trying to import all that info.

    • David Kirk

      Thanks GabachoMike for giving us the updates!