PowerPoint 2007: Modify Slide Numbering

If you are working on a presentation that will be part of a bigger presentation, it doesn’t always work out well to use the default slide numbering in PowerPoint. Let’s say that your boss wants you to prepare 15 slides that are to be included in a major presentation. Your slides will be numbers 10-25. If you use the default, then your slides will be numbered 1-15, making it rather confusing if the boss wants you to change slide number 12. Does he mean his slide 12 or your slide 12? To keep everyone on the same page, you can change the starting slide number for you presentation to better meet your needs.

1. Go to the Ribbon and select the Design tab.

2. Click Page Setup.

3. Use the Number slides from box to select the desired number to begin your slide numbering.

4. Click OK.

So if we wanted the slide numbering to begin with the number 10, we would place 10 in the Number slides from box. This would change what we see from this:

To this:


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  • mohamed

    very good

  • tmi

    thanks! it worked 🙂 i tried it even in ppt 03

  • stephan

    helpful! placement of this feature in PPT2007 is not obvious at all! many thanx

  • RJS

    Huge help with ppt 07

  • dgh

    very helpful ppt 007

  • RAR

    I really wanted to put a sub part (a) to a slide that is added after the fact.
    Any suggentions?

  • john dale

    No. What I want is to acces slides by its number for example I am currently in slide 10 , then i want to jump back to slide 3 by just pressing ‘3’ on the keyboard. Is it possible?