WMP11 – Install Windows Media Player 11 without activating / bypass WGA

   Posted August 29, 2007 by Jimmy Selix in Windows

This recipe will explain how to install Windows Media Player 11 without having to Activate your windows copy / bypassing the WGA. This requires Winzip or any other .zip extracting program to be installed.

Bypassing the activation when installing Windows Media Player 11 is pretty simple. Basically what we will do is download the setup file (.exe) and then extract its contents to a folder and manually run the two components needed to install and run Media Player 11.

1. Download Windows Media Player 11. Go here to download.


2. After you have the file downloaded (usually named: wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu.exe), right-click on the File.

If you have Winzip installed, go to the Winzip menu, and choose to Extract to Folder X:\…\wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu

A lot of .exe setup files are really just a self-executing zip file so you can use this method to extract files from .exe files with other installers too (ie device driver installers, if you only want the driver files and not the other ‘fluff’ that sometimes come with the installer.)

4. Once you do this, you will see a folder called wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu. Go into the folder and now we will manually run the two files needed for Windows Media Player 11 to install.

First run: wmfdist11.exe

This is the media player 11 runtime files.

Gp through the installation wizard and then run: wmp11.exe

This will in turn install Windows Media Player 11 and will bypass the activation part of the installer.

Once you finish the install, reboot and you should now have a working Windows Media Player 11 that will not require activation and in turn allow you to install on a non-activated XP install.


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Jimmy Selix is an early adopter that loves to be one of the first on the block to have the latest and greatest in technology and gadgets. Another love of his is being able to share his knowledge to others seeking it. Feel free to drop any comments or questions that you may have.
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      it says not enough memory????

      • Barsalma Tureep

        > Do it make for the grinding noise also? I get that and have to get rid of PC. No good directions for this 🙁

      • Salman

        > i am also facing that not enough memery error what to do please help

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  • DAn

    I did exactly as your recipe instructed and after a reboot I started WMP and it’s asking me to Validate. Do I need to uninstall WMP first and then run the new installer?

    • drkalo

      Dan, may be you need another restart after installing the runtimes I guess. I followed these steps and it worked perfectly for me (they are pretty much the same as seamonkey’s except step #4
      1. Download WMP11.
      2. Extract (unrar or unzip) wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu.exe by using extraction tool such as WinRAR.
      3. Go to the extracted folder, and execute (run) wmfdist11.exe.
      4. Restart the computer.
      5. Execute wmp11.exe from the extracted folder.
      6. Restart the computer.
      7. Start using Windows Media Player 11.

      I am using a x86 XPsp3 copy of ms windows which appeared not to be genuine but this method really bypasses activation by the wga tool.

      • A W

        I am using XP 64 and this doesn’t work. I’m now lumped with a validation notice instead of the ability to play media files.

      • Jay

        Thank you very much 😀

  • Mr. expert

    Wonderful. It really did work. I was aiming at installing WMP 11 For the last six months but could not succeed until i reached this page.

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    i was tryin to install windows media player 11 for past 8 mon but u made it happen

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  • Richard Cranium

    Or you could just go into the Windows Media Player folder in programs folder and delete LegitLibM.dll and delete it. Start WMP11 which bypasses WGA check once activated I undid the delete and it works just fine.

    • Anonymous

      Thx, none of the other worked, but this did! Thx alot!

    • Allan

      Richard Cranium, you are a STAR! I’ve tried all of the other stuff but THIS is the only one that worked for me. Many many thank you’s.

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  • Heather

    You are THE BOMB!!!! After 3 friggin’ evenings of working on this to bypass the stupid Windows validation (that I should not have to do with my LEGAL and PAID copy of Windows), I came across this website and it worked with NO PROBLEMS!


    Google ‘Download Media Player 11′ and download it.

    Download Winrar
    – during the install make sure you tick the ‘Intergrate Winrar into shell’ box.

    Extract the Windows Media Player 11 Installation file ‘wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu.exe’ to a folder of your choice. You can do this easily by right clicking on the file and click ‘Extract To …’

    Go to the folder you just extracted everything to
    Run ‘wmfdist11.exe’ Do Not Restart if it asks.
    Run ‘wmp11.exe’ and restart the computer.

    Now goto
    C:Program FilesWindows Media Player
    Look for the file named ‘LegitLibM.dll’
    Right click and re-name it to ‘LegitLib.dll’.

    Open Windows Media Player 11 and click the ‘Validate’ button.
    Click the ‘Finish’ button.
    Click the ‘Accept’ button
    Chose the install type etc etc

    Thankyou so much everyone. I spent hours googling ways to do this. This is the only method that worked for me.

    • Anonymous

      this worked for me when the others on this page wouldn’t

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    • you ……are the boss……i only did
      went to c-programe file and find legidlibm.bill and i turned it into legidlib.dill
      and it works……….thank you very much

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    Im a computer nerd and 11 and found that out last year

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    I’m not having everyone else’s success. I somehow disinstalled my WMP and for three days now cannot open files or Cds and have lost printer use. printer will not reinstall.

    This recipe seems promising and I get as far as running wmfdist11.exe ok. But there is no wmp11.exe icon in the wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu folder. I tried the wmp11 icon but it keeps ending up failed with the message FAILED TO INSTALL CATALOG FILES. this recipe is the nearest I have come to a solution, but previously I was trying the validation and thought my problem might be ’cause I’m in Italy but running in english. I read something about that.

    If anyone can help me get over these final hurdles I’d be most obliged.

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    hello. I am unable to get wmp11 to run after doing all these steps. It keeps giving me the VALIDATE YOUR COPY OF WINDOWS message, even after I deleted the WGA file. I am running XP Pro & SP3. Can someone please send me in the right direction ? I have been working on this sooo long now…..
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    would appreciate successful input.


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      Are you sure? I used Tiny XP Rev.09 and I thought it wouldn’t work. But I followed the steps and now I have the WMP11 running without any slowing process. My PC is 1Ghz and only 384MB. And web is a good source of beauties. Try again and remember shutdown after each .exe otherwise you won’t see soon.

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    I followed the steps exactly and it did not work. Before I did this I had already tried to install the update which did not work and I had to perform a rollback to get 9 working again. I am not sure if this compromised the install butfor what ever reason I am dead in the water any other Ideas?

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    • let me take a look again with SP3 and let you know what i find out. 🙂

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    for those who still didnt get it activated…. locate LegitLibM.dll in below path.

    c:program filesWindows media playerLegitLibM.dll

    once you locate it, rename it to legitlib.dll

    now run wmp 11 and validate… it shows unable to validate… then just proceed to next step and install your wmp.

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    You can also use a cracked version of “LegitLibM.dll” ( Just google “LegitLibM.dll hacked”, there are alot of sites that have it.) Follow the above steps of extracting “wmp11-windowsxp-x86-enu.exe” and then replace the copy of “LegitLibM.dll” with the cracked one and then run “setup_wm.exe”.
    For techies: All the cracked version of “LegitLibM.dll” is that the caller functions return true upon asking if computer is validated.

  • dewcansam

    P.S. Be forewarned that there are also alot of virus sites that try to push this file as well. So make sure that you practice safe browsing and use a anti-virus.

  • dewcansam

    P.S. last post sorry. The md5 for the correct “LegitLibM.dll” should be:
    d10013b58cb44eafae193909cc4fc6cd *LegitLibM.dll

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    For those still using XP, and you STILL see the validation thing, this is what I suggest you do: disconnect your internet, click on validate (without internet, how can it validate? It can’t). Now, it will do one of two things: it will either complete the process and bypass the WGA or it will simply not work. Afterwards, reconnect your internet.

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    What to do……. 🙁 🙁

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    weird looking table so I’m kind of lost.

    In desperation, I installed “Video Player Classic” and it keeps asking me to put in a Roxio Codec that
    I don’t have. You would think they would have it built-in already.

    What to do? Thank you for nay help. David Henna. I have Windows Media Player, but for some
    reason, it stopped working which is why I’m doing all this. I have Comodo Antivirus. December 30, 2013