Blackberry: Remove, Move, and Hide Icons

   Posted June 22, 2007 by David Kirk in Blackberry

The first thing most blackberry(bb) owners want to know is how to remove some of the useless icons on the main screen. Hiding these icons is very simple. Here is how to proceed.

After I unlocked my blackberry and signed up for a new service, I noticed that I had a ton of duplicated icons. Most blackberry systems have too much installed anyway. Using these techniques, you’ll be able to remove icons from the main screen thus increasing your efficiency.

Hide an Icon:

1. Go to the main screen of your blackberry
2. Go to the icon you want to hide
3. Press ALT and then press down on your scroll wheel
4. Select Hide Application

Unhide an Icon:

If you ever need to see your hidden icons again, you can alt+scroll wheel on the main screen and select Show All. This will display all the icons including the hidden ones. Hidden icons will have an X over then. alt+scroll wheel over an X-out icon and uncheck Hide Application.

Repeat the process and uncheck the Show All to rehide the other icons you have set to hidden status.

Move an Icon:

1. Select the icon you want to move
2. Press alt and press the scroll wheel
3. Select Move Application
4. Scroll around and the icon will move with the cursor
5. Press the scroll wheel again when you want to place the icon in the current position


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  • steve

    HELP! Does anyone have a listing of Blackberry Storm icons – I have an icon just below my time & date that looks like this: 1o_o and I have no clue what it is or what it means.

    • Maricela

      it means you have a new voicemail

  • Thanks for this.

  • Anonymous

    my blackberry tour is stuck. It keeps saying I have a myspace message, then will not load it. I cannot delete it. I have tried turning my phone off, taking the battery out, signing out of myspace and siging back in.. i went on myspace on my computer and the message isnt even in my inbox. help!

  • Rula

    is there any windows application that would use to organize my icons on my blackberry. Whenever I change a theme, I have to go all over again all unused icons and hide them all, and reshuffle the applications between folders the way I want. It ouwld be a lot easier through a windows application.

    I surely hope someone out there has programmed such an application!

  • tracey

    hi does anyone no how to get your best icon on the main screen thankyou xxx

  • Lizzo

    My BB has and app update icon and its not going away, i updated the app and the icon is still there. Can anyone plz help?? Thanks :]]

  • Val

    Can anyone tell me how to remove /delete icons and the app on my blackberry curve ? I have no space and don’t use these apps

  • Cazabrat

    i have a yellow envelope with like a swoosh through it and ihave no clue what it is?

    • Anonymous

      Yellow envelope should suggest an unread message or unnoticed call on your blackberry system. Make sure all email messages are marked as read, all text messages are read, etc, etc.

      If that doesn’t work, as always, try a battery pull.

  • Cazabrat

    on my BB storm- yellow envelpoe

  • Abbidabbidoo

    question- i have the old sms and mms and i jsut got the new crunch sms.. how do i completely delte the old one?

  • kmm

    how do i get rid of the icons like “1 new facebook” ?

  • Jbrabant

    How do I remove the “Update is available in the Blackberry App. World storefront” icon from my home screen.
    The method you refer to above did not work since I cannot scroll onto the icon.

  • dan

     i have many icons on my home page- 3 bb  appworld, voice mail, facebook, 1 o

  • Jon McGinn

    I have a blue W with a number next to it. It isn’t in the handbook

  • Jon McGinn

    I have a blue W with a number next to it. It isn’t in the handbook

  • Riz

    How do I move an icon back to the home screen when there is no option to “move to folder” when I select the icon for my 9790?

  • charcoal

    i have a blue icon that has head and some dots cant see clearly coz its small, on my bb and it wont go away, how do l remove it and it keeps dissabling my whatsapp msges and l cant take any photos it says memory full but when l check on my memory l still hve lots of space.