Safari for Windows: Change the Default Search Engine

By default, Safari for Windows uses Google as the default search engine. If you are one who prefers Yahoo! instead, follow these steps to make it the default:

1. Open Safari.

2. Click Edit and select Preferences.

3. Under the General tab, use the Default Search Engine dropdown and select Yahoo!.

4. Close the Preferences window.

You can also quickly switch back and forth between Google and Yahoo! as the default search engine by using the search box at the top of the browser. Simply click the downward pointing arrow and select either Google or Yahoo! for it to become the default.


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  • Emeka

    how can we get another search engine like wkipedia fro example

  • David

    It really sucks that Safari won’t let you ADD any more search engines. I decided to give the browser a try and gave up right away because of that.

  • wigglesworth

    And what if I want a search engine other than Yahoo or Google?
    I’d like to switch from Yahoo to Bing.

    • adrian_s


  • Anonymous

    what he said ^^

  • Anonymous

    Got to admit that seriously sucks especially now Bing have got their act together and are delivering far superior results. Have tried switching a few times to Safari from FireFox, but the only reason I haven’t is because of this. Sad, sad times. 🙁

    • Sonya

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  • Remeny

    Yea what about or devifinder or scroogle

  • SomeGuy

    Can’t believe this needs a tutorial

  • Foolio

    yeah, whats a search engine anyway hahahahaha

  • JWav3

    This is absurd. No no me.