T-Mobile: Skip, Delete, or Save Voicemail Messages Quickly

Posted May 16, 2007 by Rob Rogers in Entertainment

You can skip, delete or save voicemail messages as you are listening to them instead of having to wait for the message to complete. This can really speed up weeding through your messages in between meetings or classes as you can immediately delete solicitations without listening to them, skip unimportant messages, and save the messages you want to deal with later very quickly.

1. Access your voicemail.

2. As the messages play, use the following to speed through your messages:

Skip current message – Press #

Delete current message – Press 7

Save current message – Press 9

By using these three functions, you can rapidly go through your voicemail messages and keep your mailbox nice and clean.


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  • Dan

    Very useful, thanks.

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  • Balls

    HANG UP!!!

  • Nichelle

    If someone doesnt know this procedure- chances are they also do not know what voicemail is. it is 2012 not 1912. Someine who cant figure it out certainly could not navigate any web browser not to mention spell their name.