Calc: Show Formulas to Verify Your Equations

Posted May 10, 2007 by Rob Rogers in Windows

One mistake that is often made in spreadsheets containing lots of data and formulas, is the accidental placement of numbers in a cell instead of the formula. It is a painful task to examine each and every cell one at a time to verify that the proper cells are using the proper equation. In addition, verifying that the cells referenced in the equations are correct can be equally overwhelming. Fortunately, Calc allows you to show the formulas of the entire spreadsheet so that you can more easily check your work.

1. Click Tools and select Options.

2. In the left pane of the Options window, expand Calc.

3. Select View.

4. In the Display section, check the Formulas checkbox.

5. Click OK.

To go back to viewing the calculated values, simply repeat the above steps and uncheck the Formulas checkbox.


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  • Ihatetellingmyemail_sorry


  • Githlar

    Alternately, as with Microsoft Office, you can use the Ctrl+~ shortcut.

  • djpython

    Glad to have found this thread. I have been interested in this for some time in excel and calc.
    I think it would be nice to do this selectively, too, but I dont suppose you have that one up your sleeve.

    Back on my reason for comment: I have version 3.4.1 of oo.o and I dont have an options submenu in the tools menu. AAMOF I dont have options in any of my menus. I am working on a Macbook pro with osx 10.8.2.

    Seems like everywhere I turn there is something odd like this. What could it be this time.


    • jc

      did you ever find out how because i also have the same issues as well.>

  • Michael Mooney

    I had the same trouble as djpython and jc, no Tools>Options. Using OO 3.3.0 eventually found this under Open > Preferences.

    I also tried the Ctrl + ~ shortcut, but that doesn’t seem to work now.