PDFCreator: Increase Quality of JPEG\’s in Generated Documents

By default, PDFCreator sets the quality of images in JPEG format at 75%. This can produce a less than desired effect when viewed. To increase the quality level of your image so that it better resembles the original JPEG, follow these instructions:

1. Open PDFCreator (Go to the Start button, click All Programs, expand the PDFCreator folder and select PDFCreator).

2. Click Printer and select Options.

3. On the left side, under Formats, click JPEG.

4. Under settings, input the desired quality level in the Quality textbox.

5. Click the Save button.

Note: Increasing the JPEG quality will increase the file size of the generated PDF.


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  • Anonymous

    The information given here is incorrect. Changing the quality setting under the JPEG menu only affects the JPEGs generated when the “Standard save format” selected (in the “Save” menu) is JPEG.
    To increase the quality of the JPEG’s in the generated PDFs one has to click PDF under Formats and in the compression tab choose a quality setting (Auto, zip JPEG-max, etc) for each kind of image (color, greyscale or monochrome).

    • starfury

      even if I convert without any compression the quality is totally shitty

      • Noitabrutsam

        I really cannot tell the difference between the original image and the printed PDF when using zip, or JPEG-max. It would be a fake lossless compression if uoi could tell the difference.
        It’s up to you.

  • Guilhem

    Awesome, I had no idea that was possible! I expected all the settings to be in the printer properties. Thanks!