XP: Display Date in System Tray and Taskbar

   Posted April 25, 2007 by David Kirk in Windows

A buddy of mine was shocked to see that I have the date, time, and day of the week in my system tray. I had forgotten that this is not standard. Here is how to do it without any additional software.

The main reason that users do not see the time in the system tray is that they have the taskbar height set too short. If you increase the height of your taskbar, the date will appear automatically.


1. Right-click the taskbar
2. Uncheck Lock the Taskbar if checked
3. Mouse over the upper margin of the taskbar until the pointer changes to an up-down arrow
4. Drag the taskbar up until the date and day of the week appears.


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  • med

    it sucks u need wide your taskbar to show date

  • Bee

    Thank you “davak” for this awesome tip. I have a head injury and can’t remember the date or day of the week. I need to write the date on many pieces of paper throughout the day to keep track of my day. I keep having to drag my mouse over the time to show the date and sometimes that didn’t even show. WOW! I’m excited. I’m sure it sounds silly to be thrilled to have that information showing but it is going to help me immensely. TY again!

    • My pleasure! Thanks for visiting tech-recipes.

  • It has to be possible without additional software AND without your taskbar taking up half your screen?

  • Anonymous

    My system tray is not showing system time. What are the ways to bring it back?

  • Someone

    haha! that was too easy! Not being able to see the date in the systray has been driving me nuts for months now.

  • Barbara Motley

    Thank so much. I wanted the date to be seen but having the day of the week is a bonus. Barbara

  • Barbara Motley

    Thanks for this tip. I wanted to show the date but having the day of the week showing as well is a bonus. -_-

  • Mihi Sinclair

    wow. that was fantastic. i have been scouring google.

  • David

    I want it to show on bottom bar is that what we are talking about? Sorry for the dumb question. The date showed up one day and I loved it. I suffer from some med issues and really need this but dont know about taking up more screen space.