PS3 – How to do a Factory or Hard Reset

   Posted April 9, 2007 by Jimmy Selix in Games

Well, I had some major problems with my PS3 recently locking up and not playing any games or movies. After calling Customer Support, they suggested that I do a hard reset. This did seem to solve my problems, so here is the procedure per Sony CS. I would consider this a last resort troubleshooting procedure.

Hard Reset procedure for the PS3 (as instructed by Sony CS).

Be sure to backup your settings/games saves by doing a System > Backup on your PS3 or you may lose your game saves! Also, this is a last resort procedure prior to exchanging/returning to sony.

1. Power Off the PS3 via the power switch in back and power back on w/switch.

2. Hold Power Button on the Front until you hear 3 beeps.

3. Then go through the initial setup and then run a full Format via System > Format. (will take approx 3 1/1 hours). You may need to have our AV cables ready if your using HDMI (in case HDMI isn’t detected after initial reset).

4. Restore your backup you made prior to doing factory/hard reset (optional, if you created a backup).

Hopefully this will solve your freezing problems.

Problems/symptons that this appears to have resolved:
-freezing when doing anything
-no harddrive activity
-freezing when trying to use onboard keyboard or bringing up keyboard
-game/movie disc freezes system

(Video of my problems prior to hard reset)

Prior to doing the hard reset i had tried the following things:
-restoring my PS3 system and a quick format (did nothing, via System menu)
-full format (no hard reset though, via System menu)
-restore default PS3 settings (via System menu)


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  • robert

    what is a system backup

    • dumbas2000

      its a plate you sitck on the back of your ps3 system to up it…. dumb people

      • James17291

         system backup is where you put everything from your ps3 and put it on another hard drive, liars go to hell

  • dan

    Thank you sooo much, you saved my ps3 😀

  • Naturekill

    A new GOD is “born”
    THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!!!
    I thought my system were totally crushed, because I didn’t format my hdd and tried to install ydl. After that only kboot terminal was there and nothing else! I tried everything but nothing works. But this option!!!!


    is this an option for solving the problem of discs that do no tregister with the system, whether it be games, dvds, or BRdiscs? i mean i put the disc into the drive, and nothing happens except a few odd, quiet noises form the dist drive.

    • Maccaz

      Nope this can’t be fixed by hard drive reset or anything else you try. It is a hardware problem to do with your bluray diode (the disc reader) not functioning. It is Error Code “80010514”
      and you will need to send it back to Sony for a new copy for free, or if your don’t have a warranty for a fee.

      Or you can try and fix it by buying the faulty part and following tutorials on the internet to install it.

      • Tony

        to fix a Blu-ray drive all you have to do is reset your ps3 then when it starts up run a demo or dlc game. once the game is actually running put a dvd inside and go to the xmb and start it WITHOUT leaving the demo/dlc game. This should reset your driver. Fixed it multiple times for me.>

      • Dizzy

        > i actually saw that same code on my screen when i tried this hard reset thanks for the information on what the code meant. ^_^

    • Anonymous

      It fixed mine. It wouldn’t register any games or movies after a power outage. I thought the Blu Ray drive was screwed but the reset fixed it. Thanks!!!

  • abe

    ok hey dude plz i really need ur help my msn is i need u to help me ok when ever i turn my ps3 there is this updata and when it gets to 62% it says error and give me a Gay code i turn of my ps3 and on Same problem i really need ur help plz and thank u MY wish SO far IS TO FIX MY PS3 PLZ HELP ME

    • ?

      >Mine says corupte data storage and it trys to restore it and it will say once it’s done it will restart but when it’s done the screen goes black and it’s starts all over again truning it off ,hard reset didn’t work

  • yee ting

    ps3 not able to restore; doesn’t hear the 3 beeps.

    • Anonymous

      my ps3 tries to restore itself, gets all the way through, nothing happens it just tells me it needs to restore itself again… did you get this fixed?

      • austin

        > look this happened to me what you got to do is hold the power button till you here a beep then realse and hold it till you hear two more beeps at which time let go and it should go into recovery mode were you can do the following: restore system which will keep doing what it’s doing,restore to default settings which will make the system pretty much how it was when you pulled it out of the box thats all you need to hear just click restore to default and it should be fixed

        • tonya

          > ok, mine does not beep twice or more. i am holding it down and i will beep once after 10 seconds and turn back off…any suggestions? thanks!

  • cattle77

    Hey bro just wanted to say thanx , i was really bummed out about my playstation. worked like a champ. At first i thought it wasnt going to but it was just not registering the hd. Have a good one bro thanks for sharing that.

  • ed

    it didnt work

    • lohan

      > Ok hey peepz I’m a victim of the infamous ylod. I tried starting my ps3 up without the hdd no luck I formated it (fat32 & NTFS) no luck save mode no luck, video reset no luck. What do I do I’m on the verge of losing a bet

  • Mark Cordoba

    can you make a video of how to do the hard reset and what shows on the screen?

  • James

    Thanks a lot!

  • Sal

    my ps3 isn’t giving me a picture.. i just bought it pre-owned.
    I haven’t got a HD TV so im using the av cable, but it wont work in either jack mode or scart socket.
    I’ve tried a system hard reset but it dont help coz i have no picture.. any ideas would be good!
    pls add me on msn

    • Anonymous

      im having the same problem now i can hear the sound but no picture…Can u help me please cuz i been crying all day cuz i cant play it

  • Jonathan Molloy

    My PS3 hasnt been reading any kind of disc. I talked to the company and because I dont have my reciept anymore they wont take it back. Can anyone help me out?

  • sb

    cheers was helpful!

  • user name=mideasternmafia

    hello my ps3 was working fine yesterday with no problems at all then today it won’t even get to the main menu. it will turn on then make the sony ps3 noise then it will freeze. and the only way i can turn it off is through the back switch? i dont want to lose my content or user name or anything. what do I do?

    • DrillPress

      Mideasternmafia, Did you resolve your problem? Mine just quit in the same fashion. Title screen only, menu does not load. It looks like a firmware/hardware lockup. Can you give me some info on how you solved your problem? Can anyone else help?

    • Anonymous

      Try going to the store it was bought at and see if they can get a copy.Best Buy did it for me.

  • hey

    Thank you so much for the help… Will be back to tell you if I fixed it or not… But thanks a bunch…

  • Mike hunt

    It didn’t help I can sign in but the screen freezes after I sign in I have tried to reset but it doesn’t work please help me

  • Scidude0

    this solved all my problems with my ps3! thank you sooo much!

  • desperate dude

    I have a problem that my ps3 doesn’t read any disc’s. But i can watch videos/movies from an external hard drive. I tried this “factory reset” but it didn’t do anything. I just lost 3,5 hours of my day.

  • Anonymous

    Strange – I held the button in but only heard one beep, followed by a pause and another beep and it shut down. No three beeps.

    However, it did reset everything back to default as if it were out of the box (Settings wise). Proceeding with a full-format now.

    My issue was freezing/locking up the system when playing anything disc related, such as a Blu-ray movie or a retail game.

  • Anonymous

    my ps3 freeze when i update the firmware 2.80,I have tried to reset but it doesn’t work please help me

    • Anonymous

      ive got same problem :

  • Bought older (backwards compatible) ps3
    wont let me connect online with new e-mail (let me do it once or twice after first booting up, now it just brings up original user)
    will hard reset work?

  • Anonymous

    my ps3 wont update and its nothing to do with internet connection is gets error 8002f147 at 3% on install advice?

    • bewareofme_17

      Yo minedid that before but i restored my ps3 settings and work i still dnt know how it work it only work about 4 months than stop … i think u should try that.. if it works good luck …. if it does not work send it back to sony and buy a new one peace out …..

  • Anonymous

    whooohooo… fixed mine!!

    • rida


  • Bobbie

    Power outage for few seconds…..blank when hooked up to tv…tried hard reset, got three beeps, third one shut off machine……HELP! Cannot use my PS3! Same happened to my WII and my PSP, can’t use any of my consoles……….HELP

    • Pun_32

      try to eat it

  • mary villa

    my ps3 does not any discs and tried everything i tried to restore the settings and still nothing happen!!!!! i even tried to delete all the settings of the ps3

  • bewareofme_17

    Yo i need help with my ps3 i took it apart and clean the vents and nothing happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i tried to delete all the things in my hard disc and it took 4 hours of my day i just want to play my games not to sit around and do nothing who can help me just text me in the psn= the playstation network u can add me so u can help me with my huge problem bye ……..

  • Anonymous

    I didnt hear the 3 beeps when I held my finger on the power switch in the front of the ps3.WHY didnt i hear them I only heard 1. And my ps3 doesnt play or read any discs.Plzzzzzz help me and someone contact me I really want helppppp, I love playing games but cant.

  • Anonymous

    Sup people i need help my system is messed up i ship it to sony they did not want to give me a new ps3 system then i threw that ps3 away than got a ps3 slim its way better than the old ps3 so if it happens again i will need your help …. can u text me in the playstation network my online ID is bewareofme_17 and you can tell me ………….. their can be another problem my frist ps3 .. anytime i will turn it on it just died the light went yellow then red and i tried it again it didnt want to turn on at all the ps3 system has major proplems remerber just text me at the playstaion network peace out …….

  • rida

    my ps3 has is not working because when i put it on it said a serious error has ocurred on your play-station please contact technical support but I don’t no what to do,the back-round was red and it had different languages .please can you help me and tell me what to do.thank you very much

  • veanx

    when i turn on my ps3 , the green light comes up , after 2 seconds it automatic shut down …..

  • carey

    so i got one for ya plz help!!! I have a PS3 that plays ps2-1 games but not ps3 games did the hard 4 and a half hour hard reset.

  • Stevo

    well i had no issues but … accidentally ran into this reset… well i got 3 beeps

    when you hear the first beep hit and hold the button again…. it will then beep 3 times..

    it somehow reset my firmware from 3.15 to 3.10… interesting.. i have a ps3 slim which came with 3.10

  • James

    My PS3 wont even do the three beeps no matter how many times i try i have av cables hooked up called customer support at sony and still not able to reset or see anything on my screen. its constantly black

  • Anonymous

    Hey Guys….We are wanting to get our PS3 back to the way it would have been out of box. Everything gone. Will this hard reset do this for us?

    Thanks so much in advance

  • Anonymous

    I was in the middle off a game and it started lagging, i got nervous and i shut it down by turning off the power. Now it won’t read any discs anymore what’s the best i can do?

  • Anonymous

    my ps3 keeps telling me ii have a corrupt file or sumthing i tried the quick restore and i also tried to reformat the fast on im pretty sure although sumtimes it takes like 30 minutes i have factory hdd.. i cannot figure out how to do the hard reset or the full system restore that takes 3+ hours im willing to try anything if someone could help me id be very happy

    thank you

  • thankful1

    You saved me breaking my ps3 cuz it wouldnt read my games just dvds. just do as it says and you can be saved the hassle of phoning sony to. Thanks SEAMONKEY ur a lifesaver.

  • Anonymous

    my ps3 it not reading any of my disks !
    i have tryed everything !!!
    the best sugestion i can give to anybody is ” X-BOX “

  • Anonymous

    Awesome. It worked for me. One thing though, I had I kept getting just one beep when I held the one button down and then it would shut off. I kept trying it and then finally I got the one beep and the two subsequent beeps and when into to the start initialization mode.

    Every thing is working fine now, thanks for posting this, you saved me some $$$$$.

  • Anonymous

    Well i did haave this problem and then it worked from the reset but like a month before i sdaw this web site my screen was blank and i searched it up and found wat i need

  • Anonymous

    Well i fixed mine from a diffrent website

  • Brian

    Tried to do the system restore as described. Only thing after it comes back on says I need to put in the PS3 cable and hit PS3 on the controller and I did but won’t work. Anyone have a solution to this ? I really don’t want to send it to Sony or take it to Gamestop.

  • Alexander

    What if i made backup to USB flash drive when having 3.15 firmware, then made the reset removing the other os volume and upgraded to 3.21? Can i now restore my music from the backup?

    If it doesnt work in a simple way, is there a way to modify the backup files to match 3.21?

  • TheMan999

    did this change your firmware seamonkey420?

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for posting this, really I appreciate it. I have this great PS3, and my screen has been stuck on the Linux screen forever. The hard reset changed that. Thanks again.

  • Anonymous

    When i turn on my playstation 3 on, this message appears ‘The hard disk’s file system is corrupted and will be restored’ then there is a ‘ok’ i have pressed ok, and then it says ‘do not turn of the playstation’, and the it loads 0-100% i let it do this process, but when it has finished it then repeats this process, i have tried many things but it keeps saying the same message, it wont even let me go to the menu. Can any body please help me?

  • Issken

    Another thing to look at is that the actual hard drive my not be bad but it just dropped a sector off the drive. From what I can tell the PS3 and the XBOX 360 operating system does not know how to handle a sector drop. The way to test this would be to try to format the hard drive with a computer. Doing a full format with the computer will close out the bad sector. Note in your computer when this happens the operating system is able to recover the data and transfer it to one of the backup sectors. The only time you have a problem is when the sector that went bad was on that had part of the operating system on it.

    The link below will help you format the drive. Note it the format on the computer hangs then you most likely have a problem with the hard drive.


  • jason

    My ps3 is bringing up a red screen saying serious error please contact technical support. anyone have a clue what this could be?

  • Kenneth

    your a fool for believing that shit….u dummy!!!!

  • Jack

    well i have the ps3 slim
    And it shows the “Please connect the Cotroller using a Usb Cord, then press the PS Button i did that i tried what u sai But after 3rd beep it turns off n it still wont work plz help?

  • ChrisBenoit


  • Fishjr2

    Thank you so much, was having a heart attack before I read this blog. I owe you big time.

  • Curtis

    The same thing has happening to me right now it will not read anything like games and films i think what it could be is the big one not the slim

  • Cgfx

    what if your ps3 dosent open the main menu?

  • Mohammadlabaran

    my ps3 is not reading any dvd, game cd/bluray,only from hard drive or other storage media. I’ve tried to format it via full format but it’s still not working. please help me out.???

    • PS3 SUX – had about enough

      I had this problem. My systems turned on, worked fine but would not play a game or read a disc. Your LASER is fried. You need to find a store that will repair the laser. Sony wanted $200. Totally LAUGHABLE. I got it fixed for half that amount. 14 months ownership!! They said…. SORRY! and sent me a box. Read Hunter19army’s post.

  • Hunter19army

    Why is there a product that costs $300 and has so many problems. I just want to play a game and after the PS3 got updated it would not read the game. I have tried all the reboot videos to fix and all that did was make me angry and aware that it is a problem for many people. I can say that without a doubt the dead PS3 I own will be the last one I ever buy, fool me once shame on me.. Sony’s lack of caring about the problem has cost them one customer to never return, and hopefully I can let others know prior to being taken for the $300 and countless frustrating hours spent trying to repair it.

    • ALPACA16

      Im wit u My ps3 hdd got corrupted and they wont even talk to me on the phone or give me a new ps3 so now i am using my money for XBOX and telllin everyone about how bad ps3 is

  • D_m

    I love you man! Thank you sooo much.

  • greenday1987

    Does this restore the FW version to what it was when I got the PS3? ie can I downgrade my firmware by doing this?

  • PS3 SUX – Had about enough

    ==================== H E L P =======================

    I have this GREEN LIGHT-BLACK SCREEEN problem, however, my system will NOT go to the reset window. I did all the fancy restarts, called SONY, they guided me through the restart…. nada.
    1) changed TVs
    2) changed cables
    3 changed HD

    So, the question is, why is there NO ANSWER? Seriously? This is now my second problem with this system in 2 years. The laser went after 14 months, now this!!!

    • Fishjamin

      take the disc out first then try reset

  • Mahmoud Mohammad Abu Awad

    does this restore the system update to before?

    • Kalle Anka

      If you have the slim model of ps3,hold power on button long time and DONT release,first you hear one pip and after a while one more pip and after that system reboots it self and you keepon presing button NO release yet,then you hear one pi again and after a while 2 PIP in fast row.Now you relese button and voila,hard reset meny with file system restore and many options.I first did filesystem restore,rebooted and it didnt work so i did the stuff all over aginan and also choosed complete system restore with format and the ps3 worked again.
      This is for rotating icons and hanged when i put gamedisc in,good luck.

      • Sm0k3w33d

        gonna try this have a prob getting disc started expecially COD Black Ops it seems to have started with black ops and gottin worse hope this works thx

      • DarkAngel0115

        Thank you for this post, I had a very frustrated son when his ps3 showed ‘hard disk corrupted’. We tried many things to reset the system to no avail but thanks to your post we now have a working ps3 and a happy little boy. He has lost all his data but not a high price to pay if he gets to play COD again!!!! Thanks again, peace is restored in my household 🙂

  • ziurm430

    I held the power button, but instead of 3 beeps, it just powers down. What did I miss?

    • Londontheater

      it does 1st time try again

  • Lindsay

    Our system stopped working while my husband was playing a game .. now the system will not read any disc that we insert. We tried the above recommendations but it still does not read discs. Any further insight?

  • TGOD717

    do you have to update after you do this???

  • JP

    Will this fix the blinking red light issue/not powering up?

  • Brad

    This worked for me! Thanks for posting!
    Went through the exact same process of elimination with formating and restores – it wasn’t until i completed a Full Format through the initial setup that the system became responsive to discs.
    Thanks again.

  • Michael6265

    my profile was corrupt! I logged in a a second profile and it would play the discs

  • Nath8286

    the  hard reset and format worked a charm it fixed my disc drive and hard drive and now finally allows me to use my hdmi cable,u are a legend bro u saved me $500 bucks bro, i owe u a couple beers bro

  • John Bevan

    does anyone know how to fix my ps3 because when i go to play mw2 ad it goes to the part where you have to connect to matchmaking sever, my ps3 doesnt do it, ive tried that many things dunno what to do , would reseting my ps3 work ?

  • i have update version 3.66 now i want to re-install my old version 3.55 so what can i do for it

  • Paul

    i have updated the 3.70 version is there a way i can get back to original version?
    is it possible? without having to take the thing apart??

  • Becca

    Can anyone help… My ps3 won’t work on plasma anymore but works on LCD? Both hd! Tried 3 hd cables n 3 hd slots but nothing! Tried allsorts eventually rang playstation they told me to reformat which took over 4 hours and still it won’t work?? All hd ports on plasma work fine as satellite works on them and the hd on ps3 is fine cause works on LCD? If I set it to av it’s no prob but pic is crap!! Any advice

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzz

    error code 8002f147…. please help… stops during install update at 22% and give error code.. do i have to send it back to sony or is there another option?

  • clayton

    my ps3 wont even start wat do i do

  • peter

    I have a problem to restart your hard drive when it Restarts and so I re-explode ‘hard disk restartnout

  • Rodneyroo

    Hi, I have a problem with my ps3. My 18month old has had the controller and now the screen is totally blank, I have been told she may have changed setting from component to another thing other than hd which I have tried to no effect? Help pls?

  • Jimmy Selix

    @Rodneyroo yes, that is actually pretty easy to do too! just power off the PS3, then press and hold the power button in until you hear a second beep (first beep is when you power on the PS3) and then release. It will then reset your video options to whatever it can detect a signal on and then let you resetup your display options again 🙂

    hope that helps!

  • Mak

    My ps3 wont let me get passed the Hardrive Recovery screen!! Can you help me?

  • We just tried this for one of our customers who had 2 blu-ray lasers fitted by us. At first we thought a faulty Blu Ray Laser but you learn that these problems can be anything and a factory reset did it, don’t ask why but just wanted to say thanks to the poster for this.

  • BlackSun81

    Currently formatting my HDD in my PS3 40Gig. I hope this helps me. Am not even using my PS3 that much for the past 2 years and it stop working yesterday. I just updated my firmware to 3.73.

    Will post update if it works!

    “Long Live and Prosper” – Spock

  • BlackSun81

    Unfortunately it didn’t work for me. T_T
    I still get the loading screen. My PS3 won’t read my game disc anymore. I guess need to get this to the shop for cleaning.
    how sad…. >’

  • Young Marké

    My password is not working on my system and my birthdate keeps saying its incorrect. Do I need to do a hard reset? Are is there a way to keep my games that I’ve down loaded. Please help. Trying to download games on my daughters & sons PSP games.

  • Jimmy Selix

    @Young Marke

    nope, you’ll need to call Sony to reset your password and they do require your birthdate for the account. i had this happen on my 2nd psn account.

  • TobesShaw


  • kamran

    did it reset your fimrware back to the original ..

  • wes

    no it doesn’t reset firmware its impossible to reset firmware, but you can re-install latest firmware by holding the on button on the front display it will beep then go off turn on again keep finger down – 1 beep – then it will double beep realease then go to option 6 – attach external hard drive with the firmware which is now 4.11 then press start and select at the same time

  • Lmps3

    When my ps3 is switched on it goes to the ps3 background and doesn’t show me the menu…nothing works how do I fix it??

  • aquamap

    am having problems with the video sound comes out theres like spaced white lines going across downward on screen is it the cables or the system it self any tips or anything would help email with answers thanks

  • Dmac

    My system says canot start the correct hard disc was not found how do I fix it

  • where is the backup on the ps3? The only problems im having is it is just freezing what do i honestly need to do?

  • darwaish

    hy guy i have updated my ps3 how should i downgrd it plllz

  • Jimmy Selix

    UPDATE: this has changed for the PS3 slim, i will update this week w/those notes!

  • zaity

    I did quick format and now my ps doesn’t want to connect with my control.Plz help I can’t go any longer without my ps.Plz help!!!!

  • Mamown

    Hi guys need your help here. I have a 320gb ps3 slim. The hdd got corrupted yesterday and had no clue how it happened. I tried the restore system procedure and it has not finished untiol now (running for 24 hours now). It stalled at 11%. What could be the problem? Hope you guys can help. Appreciate it. Thanks

  • felon

    ive got a 320g ps3. every time i turn it on i hear it but i cant see anything. How do i fix it???

  • Rickie

    Hey i just bought a pre-owned ps3 and i have a hdtv but it would nt show. Color and i tried to change the video out put now nothing will show up

  • Dylan

    I went in and restored my system and now it is so slow that its like using a dial up internet connection. What can I do?

  • B. Rastis

    System froze, went through the `hold button for 5 seconds…’ restart and restored default settings. This worked but now I can’t save my game progress because it says I’m not the proper user. What do I need to do to solve this problem?

  • Stan

    Thanks man, you fixed my shit. i was thinking it was the controller and i tried the online tutorials on how to factory reset my controller but resetting the system actually worked.

  • locomexican420

    Just got a ps3 3 gen and it gos straight to update when i turn it on
    it won’t restor and i can’t get to menu to hook my Wifi with do i do

  • chris

    K my ps3 says it was shut off wrong so it does the checking for corrupted files or w.e and when its done it restarts and then it goes passed the ps3 logo when it restarts and freezes at the blue wave screen..can someone tell me how to fix this

  • Liam Wills

    Okay so when I turn my PlayStation on I get ‘ the file system on the system is corrupted and will be restored ‘ after I restore it I get the same message help

    • brett

      I got the same answer but my was restored but it says I need a 2.00 update.

  • Christine lindsay

    The ps3 is only 12 weeks old and grenade light stays on for 2 seconds then nothing

  • Paul greenwood

    Why does my ps3 only freeze on f1 games fine on all
    Other games

    • kyle lymburn

      Its because the f1 games are too high quality, try reducing you quality to 720p

  • Angel soto

    What do I do if I pressed restore default settings and don’t remember my password or date of birth?

  • kyle lymburn

    Will it work if i remove my hardrive completely