WHS: How to Remote Reboot or Shut Down

   Posted March 16, 2007 by David Kirk in Windows

Windows Home Server is a windows box, and we all know that a windows box occasionally needs a good reboot or two. Here is how to remotely reboot or shut down your whs box.

In testing the new windows home server, I have needed to reboot several times. Doing a remote reboot is easily accomplished through the windows home server console:

1. Double-click the WHS icon in the system tray and enter your password to open the console and connect to your server
2. Click the gears in the upper right hand corner to open the Settings dialog box

3. Click the General Tab
4. Click the Shut Down Icon in the right upper hand corner

5. You are then given the option to Shut Down or Restart
6. You will lose connection within your client as the server goes down.


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  • Anonymous

    That’s fine if you can GET in to the console. How do you get WHS rebooted remotely if you CAN’T get into the console… which why it needs rebooting in the first place. If I could GET into the console, I probably would not have a need to reboot!

  • Name

    I agree with aart12 on his point.

    • Davidcampbell1

      I too have this problem (cannot get to the console). Also there are no harddrive lights showing although the three led’s at the bottom (connection etc.) all show blue.