MySQL: Increment an exisitng value

This slick MySQL syntax allows you to increment or decrement an existing number in a table without first having to read the value. This is a nice way to increment an access counter.

To increment the value ‘counter’ by one for the row in table ‘images’ where ‘image_id’ is ’15’, use:

UPDATE images SET counter=counter+1 WHERE image_id=15

To decrement the value, use ‘counter=counter-1’ instead. Incrementing or decrementing by other values (or using whatever valid arithmetic arm flexing you need) will work, too.


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    Super, just what I needed to know.

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    What would be the syntax for decrementing/incrementing a number and not an image?

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      Four people can’t understand MySQL. =(

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  • He ain’t incrementing an image, that is just the name of the table, and pretty sure that ‘counter’ is a tuple in the table, and that it’s an Integer.

    • Pokemon

      Thanks, Was hoping this was possible.

      No need for multiple querying just to see if a value has changed since your previuos query.

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  • If the table you’re updating has a unique key such as an ID or URL field, you can extend an INSERT statement to include the above UPDATE in one go:

    INSERT INTO images (name, counter) VALUES (‘blah.gif’, 1) ON duplicate KEY UPDATE counter = counter + 1

    Assuming name needs to be unique.

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      Cool info. Thanks for adding to the discussion.

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  • Guest

    If I want to increment all Ids then what should i Do

    • Pieterkegel

      Remove the WHERE clause…

  • CSS

    Awesome Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ Just to help others out.. here is what I used to update a price column in an Open Cart store by $2 in phpmyadmin:

    UPDATE `DBNAMEHERE`.`product` SET `price` = `price`+2

    Replace DBNAMEHERE with your db name

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    Wow You the man! I was gonna write a whole new table and join two together for a video voting website but this is jamming! You just saved me a lot of work! thanks.

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  • whatever

    really helpful but can i do this for multiple records , like this

    UPDATE images SET counter=counter+1 WHERE image_id=15 AND image_id=17 AND image_id=9

    thanks in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hannes

    Hi! Try this:
    UPDATE images SET counter=counter+1 WHERE (image_id=15 OR image_id=17 OR image_id=9)

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    And this must be seen:



  • Steeve

    I needed to create or update, and found that I could use on duplicate key, and update to accomplish what I wanted,

    INSERT INTO `sentiment_counts` (foo,bar,counter) VALUES (12345,’baz’,1) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE counter=counter+1;

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction ๐Ÿ™‚

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