Vista: How To Delete a User Account

Posted January 31, 2007 by Rob Rogers in Microsoft Vista

Have an account that you no longer need on your computer? You can delete it and still keep the desktop and personal files associated with the account by following these steps:

1. Log onto the computer using an account with administrator privileges.

2. Click the Start Button.

3. Click the picture associated with your account at the top of the menu.

4. Select Manage another account.

5. When the UAC box pops up, click Continue.

6. Select the user account that is to be deleted.

7. Click Delete the Account.

8. You will be asked if you wish to keep the files from the deleted account. To save the account’s desktop and personal files to your desktop, click Keep Files. This will place the files into a directory with the account’s name onto your desktop. Otherwise click the Delete Files button.

9. Click Delete Account.


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  • Ruth

    Thanks – it worked! thank you very much! I had two accounts to get rid of – one is gone, but the guest account I had previously ‘removed’ seems to be stuck! .. when I select it , the options that come up do not include ‘delete’, only turn on, turn off,or cancel …any suggestions? I’m new to this area of computing, and your instructions were very clear and easy, thanks again.

    • Cameltoe

      Just turn it off, it will not dissapear. But turn it off and you won’t get bothered.

  • ali

    when i cancelled the process afther delete files or keep files wizard came but now i canlt delete account please help me how can i delete account.

  • sadcs

    nothing happens when I click it

  • Cheese

    Hi there’s no ‘delete account’ option when i click on the guest account. i can’t seem to find a way to get rid of the account and its frustrating. help pls.

    • Anonymous

      You can only disable a guest account. There is no way of deleting it as it is written to the hard drive along with the OS. Do not try to delete it.

    • james

      you cant delete your quest acc

  • charles

    i dont see delete account on the screen. any other option? pls help me.

  • lolololololol

    thank you my friend thanks a lot

  • steve

    Great, thanks alot!

  • Anonymous

    Can you delete a account with Administrator and which is the 1st Account on the computer if u have 2 ?

  • ats

    erm,i got problem with it.mine only can be turn on or off or only got this 3 options

    • Blaster V

      There is no way to “delete” the guest account, you can only disable it/turn it off.

  • Anonymous

    I have a problem, I bought a laptop that was previously owned. In order to delete anything I need the password the previous owner put on it, and I have no clue who they are. Any way I can over-ride this?

  • Anonymous

    i cant find a delete button

  • Anonymous

    The Users window froze after I Select Manage another account. Why is that? Please help! I really want to delete some some users, because my computer was used by someone else before me. And these two users files are taking a big part of my hard drive.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous

    i have two administrater accounts so how do i delete one and i do not want a log in password so how do i take that out

  • Bryan Anderson

    Okay, I have a question about this… I’ve tried this multiple times…
    I can do these steps:
    1. Log onto the computer using an account with administrator privileges.

    2. Click the Start Button.

    3. Click the picture associated with your account at the top of the menu.

    4. Select Manage another account.

    5. When the UAC box pops up, click Continue.

    But once I click Continue, the lap top does nothing at all. The UAC box just dissapears and nothing happens.
    I’ve tried changing my UAC settings, and whenever I click Continue on the UAC box to do that, it does nothing once again.
    Please email me!
    [email protected]

  • Blaster V

    When I select “manage another account” the list of accounts is empty. I know for a fact that I have 3 different accounts active, and the account that I am using to try to delete them is administrator. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    hi , uhm right after i deleted the account and added a new one i clicked save files , but when i went on the files aren;t there where do i look for them?

  • Anonymous

    ok , i need help i deleted my account and made a new , i clicked keep files , but i dont know where to find the files ? help someone please!

  • Adrian

    I saved the files but I’m unable to find the file on my computer.

    Where is it stored?

    And there is no way to delete a Guest account you can only disable it.

  • Anonymous

    My Files are gone!? even though i selected keep files!?!?

  • luis alban

    how i disable that guest account can acces my files and pictures from administrator account?

  • Ice2_camille

    it doesnt say delete!!! all it says is to turn off guest account or not..i wanna cry now..nothing here is helping me…i want to delete that account asap..idk how it just say turn off or on..theres no delete option i swear i keep finding it im tired alrrady

  • Nabhavranade

    Once made active, how to make the super admin account inactive? Is there a way to remove it?

  • J-Spill

    Thank-you, very useful, my previous account had 6gigs of roaming data, very useless, now i can just delete him….

  • Rutthy

    thanks for giving me the solution. infact you have just save a soul from enemies

  • jay

    it does not say delete account on screen my laptop broke and had to make new account but it wont let me have a password or delete it plz help

  • Karl

    How do you delete a user account if you foget the password

  • skulls21

    thanks! 🙂

  • Ashraf

    ur realllllly reallly helping me to get rid of my account!!

  • Charlottte-01

    i have accidently made my guest account an adminstrator, and now it wont let me turn it off. i can’t make another account or delete the one i am usingg. any ideas for me to do ive tryed everything!?

  • Lovemyshaney

    I have a disabled admin user account which when I go in user accounts does not give me the option to delete. If I go into other accounts it does not bring this account up at all. But when we log in it goes straight into this old user account and we have to log out and log in to the new one… any ideas

  • mandy

    thnx love u so know my parent can’t go on my laptop oxox i hate them!!!!!

  • Taylor_Binnie

    It’s not letting me delete is please help 🙁

  • Russellas

    Once again, the computers win. nothing seems to work unless you are a complete computer geek. Us average users cant do anything about this simple junk that should be as easy as loggint into our desktop.

  • Meagan

    When you say personal files; does it mean pictures and documents(Because I really need to keep those)? Or can you select what you keep?
    The reason I need to delete this specific user is because it has a virus on it(The virus hasn’t reached the other users somehow).

  • Jingo

    Thanks it worked. had to delete my first account because it would open, created a new account and deleted the old one.

  • Clare

    Does anyone know how to delete a user name. I’m becoming very frustrated trying to do this . Thanks

  • Prav

    In my case it did not keep the files. I have done the search but no luck. It did ask to confirm saying ‘you have decided to delete account and keep files’ to which I replied ‘Yes’

    Any thoughts as to where the files may have gone?

  • Sharon Ashworth

    I have a vista computer that was recently owned, and cannot delete the other two administrators. I have my adminstrator access but cannot get rid of the other two, especially when i have to upgrade javascript.

  • felipe

    it really worok!!thank u very much i accedently turn off my laptop during im formating it and then i thought the 1st user is deleted so i created another again for no reason.. and the other said there is no delete options think they using other ver. of windows..!!thanks again

  • mandye

    I did these steps and deleted my user account i wanted to but now my computer wont start up it just shows a blue screen with writings and tries again and again to start with no success can anyone help me plaese

  • chiorean gheorghe

    the user which i want to delete appear only in C:users not appear in :Control Panel/ user accounts .How to do in this case ? Thanks

  • arkin

    can i use this on window 7?

  • Ekke

    I tried to delete account nobody used but it does not show up!

  • gregory cook

    I was givin a pc that i dont know the admin password to the account the guest account works and is set to be an admin and there is a standered user on the mechine that doesnt have a password but i am unable to change or remove the passwords to either in either the guest account or the or the standered account pls if you know of any slutions im all ears

  • fashlee

    so i did that and my old account files arent even poping up ? can i only access thoes file in an administrative user acount or something ? pleaseeeee help ..

  • velia

    So I’ve done this a million times but when i hit delte account it freezes that section and in the end doesnt delete it this is ridiculous i need help this account is causing my computer problems

  • Roman

    After clicking manage another account the only option I have is to turn unwanted account off.
    There is no button for deleting.
    Please advise.
    Thank you