Set the ethernet MAC address in Solaris

The ethernet hardware (MAC) address can be configured on Sun systems. Trouble can result from duplicate MAC addresses in a subnet, so use with caution.

To change the MAC address of ethernet interface hme0 to 11:22:33:dd:ee:ff, use the following command as superuser:

ifconfig hme0 ether 11:22:33:dd:ee:ff

This is a temporary change that will not persist after a reboot. To make this change permanent, the command can be placed in a runtime control script.

If you have multiple ethernet interfaces, see Configure unique MAC addresses on multiple interfaces.


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  • helpsolaris

    I currently have 2 T-2000 machines running solaris 10, We had a overheat problem and shut them down correctly, when i brought them back up, I have a dual mac address issue with my network. Now the Server itself has all but one nic disabled. When I run the ALOM on this server I get the other Mac addres? is there a way to recctify this? will a full reload of the system fix this?