Nintendo 3DS: Create QR Code Image of Mii for Sharing

   Posted March 28, 2011 by Jimmy Selix in Games

You can export a QR Code image of your Mii that can be used to import your Mii on any other 3DS.   Just by taking a picture of this exported QR Code image, your Mii will be imported onto another device!

1.  Create a Mii and save it in the Mii Maker app.

2. Once created, go back to your Mii Maker app and choose the QR Code/Image Option

3. Next, choose the Mii you want to export as a QR Code.

4. Once you tap on your Mii and hit OK, it will then generate the QR Code image.

5. Finally it will then save this file to your SDCard’s \DCIM folder.  You can then import this Mii on any other 3DS by just viewing the photo on one 3DS and use the “Scan QR Code” option on the other 3DS.

This will save all information of the Mii you copied as a QR Code including, name, birth date, author, copying options and of course the Mii avatar.


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  • P4R7Y80M8

    we can’t read your code

    • jimmyselix

      i’ll post my Mii QRCode as a full image later tonight and update the original article 🙂

      thanks for stopping by, how are you liking your 3DS? wish there were more games and we get the system update soon (adds the eshop and browser stuff) 🙂

  • Indyia Legros

    Jimmy Selix can you register my mii? I already registered you my friend code is 021619350851:D

  • Thomas Segelhorst

    How exactly are you able to make it posted to a website that I own……….. I cant figure it out!!!

    Please help!